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By Daria Maksymiak September 15, 2020

How to Get the Most out of Oilfield Software

One of the most important things for us is making sure we provide the best customers’ support possible. We wouldn’t be where we are, without our customers. It’s important for us to make sure they’re happy, as seeing them happy makes us happy. Our customers support focuses on treating customers well, answering questions and exceeding expectations.
In this article I will talk about the ways we deliver customers support and how riger® users are supported by our team.
Communications channels
First of all, there is plenty of ways you can contact us. We have a number of channels of communication with our customers and our users:
  • Support riger® Portal
  • Support Email
  • Support Toll-Free
  • Website Live Chat
  • Knowledge Base
  • YouTube riger® Channel
  • riger® Webinars
  • Website Blog
  • Digital Oilfield Academy
  • Users Training

So, how RigER supports its users

Support portal
You can access it directly from your riger® interface under Support menu. This is the most common and, in our opinion, most convenient way to get riger® support. Using support portal means all your previous requests, request statuses and replies that you got are stored in the system. So, if you get the same issue for the second time you can just go back and check how you previously solved it.
When you log into riger® support portal it’s just a few steps to create a support request and sent it to us. You can add the subject telling what it’s about, attach screenshots, description that would help us to identify your issue and to get the best answer and step-by-step details on how to fix it.
There are a few types of support requests that you can create in riger® support portal:
1. System Access
2. Software Bug
3. General Support
  • How To
  • Why it is
  • Where it is
  • Database Admin Support
4. New Feature Request
5. Technical Support
Here is how they differ. System access support requests have the highest priority. For most of our clients riger® became critical tools for their operations. That is why we treat those requests with highest priority. We try to resolve the issue immediately when we get it. Our goal is to get the user back to work asap. Sometimes it can take longer, but the issue will be fixed no longer than in 4 hours.
Next type are General support requests and average response time for this type of requests is about 20 min. Our support specialists will ask you some additional questions to identify if this request can be resolved right away or it will take some time. They will also send you some materials where applicable or suggest having training if needed. There are 4 groups that we identify under this type: “How To”, “Why it is”, ‘Where it is”, “Database Admin Support”. The time of resolving those requests depends on it’s type and details of provided information.
New feature requests mean that customers send us request to add some new functionality or to customize existing functionality in riger®. It takes longer to process this type of requests as it involves different departments, including software developers. Time of resolving is identified in every case individually.
Technical support requests are when clients have some technical issues with the platform, for example a client asks to restore some loss data from the backup, to import some data, to delete something or to merge some duplicates in the system. This is where we are working on customers’ data management and are helping clients to process some more complex procedures.
You can access Support portal here
Knowledge Base
A Knowledge base is a self-serve online library of information about riger® product, where you can find and learn anything, you would ever need to know about it.
The easiest way to get to our Knowledge base is from the software itself under Support menu. When you click there, it goes straight to the Knowledge base web page.
There is a search bar there and by using keywords you can find different articles related to your topic. On the left side you will see structure of our Knowledge base articles that is like a three structure, which makes navigation really easy.
Some of the articles include video guidance on how to use the software with the explanation of specific modules, documents, or procedures in riger®. Some articles include step by step explanation with screenshots showing where to click and what to enter in the document. In the bottom of each article you will find other articles related to this specific topic.
You can access Knowledge base here
We provide different types of training and you can choose which suits you best according to your needs, budgets, and timeline.
Training: Onsite
This involves direct face to face interaction between users and riger® software consultants. The training program is tailored to your specific configuration of riger®, discussed and approved by both the customer and RigER team. It usually takes place in customer’s office and lasts in generally two days. Such training can be provided for 5 or more trainees at a time. It starts with a simple introduction to riger® and going through all the workflows that this particular business use in its operations. During this process, we are switching focus from introduction and general workflows that apply to the whole personnel to more operational scope-oriented topics for different departments such as sales, operations, accounting, and so on.
Training: Online
This is the second type of training we offer. It also involves direct interaction, although it is rather virtual than in person. For this type of training, the training program, besides being designed to your specific business workflows, is also narrowed down to include only the necessary information for the particular trainee within his/her scope of operations (i.e. a salesperson, a dispatcher, accountant, etc.). This training is usually organized through virtual communication software (such as Zoom®), consists of one-hour sessions and involve one or more users.
Contact us to get your training
Digital Oilfield Academy
The RigER Academy is a new learning portal that has one simple goal in mind – to give you the freedom to study the topics that apply to riger® at your own pace, at your level of comfort and however you want it to. Designed to help a riger® user to onboard faster and become proficient in all aspects of oilfield operations, the Academy features a number of courses with quizzes and certification. After a very short and simple process of registration you get Access to the courses and materials. We do have practice tests and exams on some of the courses and we are planning to create certifications for all the courses.
Currently our Digital Oilfield Academy includes courses:
  • Basics of riger®: designed to help you get familiar with the basics of the platform, its features, and capabilities. By the end of this course you will be able to easily manage a full life cycle of a rental job starting from a sales quote up until the invoice in your riger® database.
  • Orientation in riger®: is intended a quick orientation session for new users, to help them get up onboard in a very short amount of time. It is generally a part of Basics course. By the end of this course you will be able to create Rentals Service Agreements, Tickets and Rental Invoices.
  • Sales in riger®: shows all aspects of sales in riger®. It focuses on 2 main documents that represent Sales and start a rental job in riger® (the RSA and the Quote). You will also learn about other documents of the Sales module as well as aspects that are essential not only for sales but for the whole life cycle of a rental job.
  • Purchases in riger®: teaches everything about riger® Purchases Module. You will see how purchases are done in riger® platform, learn what user roles are responsible for doing purchases and what documents are involved in the process.
  • Operations 101 in riger®: is designed to cover the dispatching, internal and field job essentials of the Oilfield Rental Operations in riger®. The course starts by explaining the concept of User Roles in riger®, then focuses on several operational documents and discuss other important operational aspects.
Customers’ support is one of the most important aspects of job. We are incredibly responsive to your requests and value your questions. Whenever and however you need our help, we work hard to understand your needs and provide a level of service that exceeds any expectations. Just use the links above or contact us through any channel and we will be happy to assist you.
How to get the most out of software and become a super-user
Check this webinar recording to learn how to use oilfield platform to its full capacity

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