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Track purchases of rental units, consumables, and services

Being able to track and manage all your purchases, have a full history of them, and reports based on that information is very important, that’s why it was a “must” for us to have all processes implemented in riger® to accommodate all the standard purchasing needs and more.

As a result, today riger® employs an intuitive, yet a powerful Purchase Module, which allows not only to cover most aspects involved with purchasing but also to keep track of all the vendors, purchased inventory, the documents involved in every single purchase and maintain the history of all those actions.

It can be said that the Purchases Module operates using the “standard” purchase mechanism that we all are used to and adds some more on top of it to make the process more user friendly and save time.


The basic (standard) documents that are involved in the purchasing cycle are as follows:


These documents are interdependent and are usually generated one from within another.

Besides these three main documents, there are other documents and tools that expand the capabilities of standard purchasing logic, such as:

The Purchases Module is also used to govern all the Subrental Operations that riger® covers. It is also involved in Rework/Repair cycle with more advanced types of Purchase Order documents designed specifically for that purpose, and as it keeps track of all the actions and history of all documents, it’s a base for many informative reports which in one way or another contain information about purchases.

See how with riger® you can:

Manage Equipment Rental Operations 

  • Generate Oilfield Rental Invoices in 24 hours!
  • Know Where your Rental Fleet and Field Team is
  • Schedule Oilfield Service Instantly
  • Dispatch Rental Fleet Faster

Be Always in Control

  • See Full Picture and Make Data-driven Decisions
  • Streamline Business Processes and Supporting Documentation
  • Solve Business Challenges (Sales, Service, Revenue)
  • Analyse Performance on Ongoing Basis