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Safety Module In RigER

Oilfield operations involve a lot of different activities associated with danger and high risk. Mitigating those risks and minimizing the potential of something going not as planned has a high priority in the Oilfield Service and Rental businesses. Personnel should be qualified for the job, equipment should pass all the safety checks, and numerous regulatory compliance requirements must be followed.
The Safety Module in RigER has a lot to offer that can help streamline safety-related processes and documentation.
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Job Safety Analysis is a process of identifying potential hazards and defining the safest way to do the job. The JSA form of the Safety Module in RigER enables capturing, assessing and analyzing information about the job safety level in accordance with the pre-defined criteria. The form can be customized and include details about Hazards, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other data fields as required.
Hazard Assessment
Hazard Assessment form is generated from within the Field and Rental tickets. It allows users to perform a full assessment of potential and existing hazards at all stages of the job (Pre-Job, On-Site, Post-Job). Each stage, represented as a standalone tab within the document, contains informational fields and checks that are applicable to the particular stage.
Vehicle Inspection
If you need to perform Vehicles safety inspections – Pre-Trip or Post-Trip – this form has you covered. It contains all the main parameters that need to be checked for safety and allows you to identify defects, and add comments about each defect.

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