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RigER Operations Management Software – Release Notes

RigER 11.0 – New Orleans
November 30, 2023
What’s New
  • Enhanced Protection for User Passwords
  • Integrations with Leading Accounting Systems (NetSuite, Traverse, SAP Ariba)
  • Quality Control Module Improvements
  • Offshore Equipment Rentals Module
  • Field Tickets with FTR Requirements
  • Rig Calendar
  • New Reports: Sold Equipment Report, Cashflow Statement Report, Client Price Codes Report
  • RigER University
  • UI Improvements in Field Ticket App
  • Enhancement to Function Matrix (User Roles)
  • Enhanced Controls for Admin Users
  • Introducing RigER BI
  • UN Search Optimization
  • Middle East Localization
RigER 10.5 Lafayette
May 25, 2023
What’s New
  • Sales Module Updates: Added email notifications for Sales Orders (SO) and Service Tickets (SS)
  • HR Module Updates: Enhanced onboarding process and multi-business support
  • Purchases: Introducing the PO Approval Structure Report
  • Repairs: Introducing the Service Parts Requisition Document
  • Downhole Tools: Updated Filed Ticket Mobile App for improved on-site operations
  • Salvage Equipment Refurbishment Management: Streamlined management of salvage equipment refurbishment
  • Integration with GeoTab: Seamlessly integrate with GeoTab for enhanced fleet management
  • Integration with Traverse: Enable smooth data exchange and process synchronization with Traverse
  • Quality Control Module: Introducing QC and QCA/CAR functionalities
  • OSV – Offshore Service Vessels: Dedicated features for offshore service vessels
  • OER – Offshore Equipment Rentals: Comprehensive capabilities for managing offshore equipment rentals
  • ESS – Equipment Storage Service: Specialized tools and functionalities for equipment storage services
  • Customer Owned Equipment Service: Efficiently handle inspection, storage, repairs, and maintenance of customer-owned equipment
  • Price Management: Introducing Price Codes for enhanced pricing flexibility
  • Customer Job Requirements Equipment Compliance Control: Track and manage equipment compliance control, including UTT, Pressure Testing, Inspections, and Certifications
  • UTT Module: Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT) for accurate corrosion and erosion assessment
10 Years Release – RigER X
October 28, 2022
What’s New
  • New Mobile Applications: Purchases, Expense Claims.
  • MS Teams Integration.
  • RigER Desktop Offline.
  • Data Import and Export.
  • New Features: Trucks Service Records, Quality Requirements (Client and Vendor), Job Projects, Price codes, Multi-Business Entities.
RigER 9.5 Gillette
June 23, 2022
What’s New
  • New Integration: Enverus – OpenInvoice, OpenTicket, OpenOrder.
  • New Module: Project Management Module.
  • Repairs, Inspections and Maintenance (RIM) Modules Update.
  • Power BI Connector.
  • New Configuration: RigER for Coil Tubing and Workover Rigs.
  • RigER Global Platform (customer portal, mobile applications, equipment scanner, expense claim, vendor portal).
RigER 9.2 Ukraine
March 11, 2022
What’s New
  • RigER will issue special product release 9.2 Ukraine to show our clients and users that we stand united with the people of Ukraine against this unjustifiable act of aggression.
  • RigER is not and will not provide any services to customers located in Russia. RigER does not work with the government of Russia and is and will continue to be in full compliance with all sanctions. The Company is also actively evaluating its other operations in the region.
  • RigER is announcing an incremental $20K humanitarian commitment to support its employees in Ukraine and their families.
  • RigER is executing business continuity plans. The company is executing business continuity plans and open relocation program for our Ukrainian employees. RigER continues to operate productively in 4 countries and continues to provide consistent high-quality delivery in all geographies around the world
RigER 9.0 Greeley
October 19, 2021
What’s New
  • A secure Customer Web portal where oilfield service companies can share information about jobs, e.g. ticket, location, equipment, etc. directly with E&Ps
  • In addition to barcode, RigER users can now use QR code to speed up check-in/out equipment, run inventory control, and access full equipment history. The QR code will eliminate manual data entry, making dispatch faster and error-free
  • RigER 9.0 Greeley also includes new configurations designed specifically for Trucking and Water Hauling operations
  • Direct integration with OpenInvoice; added Project Management dashboard; improved Job Calendar; Rental Unit Dashboard; Truck Dashboard, and more
RigER 8.5 Fort Worth
July 8, 2021
What’s New
  • KPIs Dashboard: Sales, Operation and Financial KPIs
  • Revenue Dashboard: Revenue by Periods, Clients, Rental Units
  • Utilization Dashboard: Equipment Utilization Rate, Unit ROI, Average Rental Fleet per Day, etc
  • PandaDoc Integration: Document Approvals and Digital Signatures
  • Home Page Improvements: added HR, Safety, Purchases to the home screen
  • New Look: Rental Unit Card, Unit Number Card, Client Card, Vendor Card, Interface
  • Telegram Integration: Reports and Documents Approval through secure Telegram chat
  • Mobile Oilfield: Offline Field Tickets
  • Month End Procedure: Mistakes and Open Documents Check, Close Period
  • Safety Checklists with Digital Signatures
RigER 8.0 Odessa
December 10, 2020
What’s New
  • New Built-in Email Client: Track communication, Customize email, Set up an Address book, Save email templates and signatures
  • Barcoding: Scan barcodes with your mobile device, Save and access all history of your equipment
  • CRM Improvements: Keep track of entire sales process from first quote to dispatching equipment
  • Mobile Client & Mobile Suite: Cross platform, Online and Offline Access all modules, documents, dashboards, reports , Collect information in the field
RigER 7.7 Calgary
August 23, 2020
What’s New
  • New Modules: Job Tickets Module, CRM
  • Updated Modules: Purchase Module, Maintenance, HR
  • New Features: Home Page, Activity Log Dashboard, Field Repairs
  • New Integrations: Avalara Tax, MS PowerBI
  • New Mobile Client
RigER 7.5 Phoenix
April 9, 2020
What’s New
  • New Configurations: Frac & Flowback Equipment, Generators & Light Towers, Downhole Tools
  • New Modules: Reservation and Backup, Job Costing, Service Call
  • New Dashboards: Repair Dashboard, Activity Log Dashboard, RSA Kanban Dashboard
  • Other additions and enhancements: Payroll Integration with QuickBooks, Out of Fleet and Construction in Progress Statuses, Pre-Delivery Inspections
RigER 7.0 Oklahoma City
October 17, 2019
What’s New
  • User Role Matrix: manage access level of every user in the system to ensure control and efficiency of the operations
  • Reservations Module: you can now reserve specific rental units for job with ease
  • More Reports and Dashboards: from high level to low level – you can see full picture of your operational KPIs in RigER
RigER 6.5 Houston
May 23, 2019
What’s New
  • HR Module (new): Employee Rates, Employee Hiring, Per Diem/Bonus, Employee Hours Report, Sales Commission, Skills and Qualifications
  • Operating Cost Module (new): Operating Revenue/Cost/Profit
  • Equipment Maintenance Module (improved): Maintenance Template, Checklist, Ticket, Reports, Dashboard
  • Reports and Dashboard (improved)
  • Other Improvements: UI/UX, Rental Package, Multi-Well Invoice, Standby Fee
  • Mobile Applications (new): Operations, Sales, Purchases
RigER 6.0 Midland
December 10, 2018
What’s New
  • Field Technicians Calendar – a new way to manager oilfield workforce and service schedule
  • Equipment Deployment Dashboard – a new visual view of rental agreements, equipment, and locations
  • Job Schedule Gantt Chart now shows current and scheduled oilfield rentals and services by client, rental agreement and location
  • Oilfield Service Report – a powerful tool to analyze services and overall performance