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Meet RigER Inc. Team at Oil & Gas Events in 2022

Daniel Energy Partners’ Permian Basin BBQ Cook-off
Daniel Energy Partners’ 5th annual Permian Basin BBQ Cook-off is an exclusive “invite only” gathering of key industry professionals. This unique event combines leadership from public and private energy companies, as well as, the financial sector, under a professional yet fun atmosphere in the heart of the Permian Basin.
September 29, Midland, TX
LAGCOE Energy Fest
LAGCOE’s biennial Technical Exposition and Conference, The Energy Fest, is bringing together the brightest professionals and businesses to share new technologies and advancements in the energy sector. After more than six decades, LAGCOE’s commitment to energy innovation hasn’t wavered.
BOOTH #EH218, October 19-21, Midland, TX
POWERGEN is the largest network and business hub for electricity generators and solution providers engaged in power generation. Power producers, utilities, EPCs, consultants, OEMs, and large-scale energy users gather at POWERGEN International® to discover new solutions as large centralized power generation business models evolve into cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.
BOOTH #1312, February 21-23, Orlando, FL
Events that we visited

June 2022, Gillette, USA
June 2022, Midland, USA
May 2022, Fort Worth, USA
April 2022, Houston, USA
March 2022, Midland, USA
March 2022, Oklahoma City, USA
February 2022, Houston, USA
October 2021, Odessa, USA
October 2021, Odessa, USA
October 2021, Midland, USA
September 2021, Gillette, USA
August 2021, Houston, USA
May 2021, Shreveport, USA
DUG Haynesville Conference & Exhibition
March 2021, Midland, USA
West Texas Oil & Gas Convention
February 2020, Denver, USA
DUG Bakken and Rockies 2020
November 2019, Abu Dhabi, UAE
October 2019, Oklahoma, USA
Oklahoma Oil & Gas Expo 2019
June 2019, Calgary, Canada
Global Petroleum Show 2019
May 2019, Grande Prairie, Canada
Peace Region Petroleum Show 2019
May 2019, Houston, USA
Offshore Technology Conference 2019
October 2018, Odessa, USA
Permian Basin International Oil Show 2018
June 2018, Calgary, Canada
Global Petroleum Show 2018
September 2017, Calgary, Canada
TechStock 2017
June 2017, Calgary, Canada
Global Petroleum Show 2017