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Never Miss Maintenance Event For Any Component In Your Stock

Tracking equipment maintenance records and keeping them up to date could be challenging if all records are kept on spreadsheets, forms, or paper-backed tickets. Chance losing records or missing tickets is high and could lead to performing unnecessary maintenance or skipping the required one, which results in unnecessary costs or equipment failure. Scheduling the next maintenance of equipment is another challenge, while the fleet is currently being deployed on a client’s location. The ultimate solution is to know exactly which equipment needs maintenance service, which maintenance service is required, when maintenance must be performed, and where it must be done. When there are thousands of maintenance orders outstanding, not to lose control is truly a hard work requiring daily dedication.
Managing maintenance processes with high accuracy and fewer efforts is not an unreachable feature, but a real business solution that riger® offers today. An initial maintenance setup is required.
Maintenance Templates
With a flexible and unlimited number of maintenance templates, it is possible to create specific maintenance routines required for specific equipment. Maintenance templates also enable adding maintenance-specific parts and services as well as inspection checklists. Maintenance scenarios could be various, so riger® maintenance templates are flexible.
Create Maintenance Schedule for equipment
Have every maintenance on time using a schedule with reminders, i.e. days to next service, hours in operation, or other parameters to notify the shop of the upcoming scheduled maintenance events. Setup maintenance types and cycles for every equipment model triggered by configurable drivers such as engine hours or active days. Assign previously created maintenance templates to cycles. This is how the maintenance schedule is set up in riger®. This setup is done on the equipment level to track how many hours, days, or miles it has been operating and to schedule next preventative maintenance (PM).
Once all necessary setups are done, it is easy to track all equipment maintenances in Activity Log Dashboard. Schedule the next maintenance, check if there is other equipment at the location of the scheduled for maintenance equipment, send field technicians to do the work, and decide on due dates. When checking equipment with maintenance due, riger® allows to see what other equipment you have on the same location that could also be selected for the PM.
Maintenance Tickets
Maintenance Tickets include one or multiple equipment maintenance events. For multiple equipment requiring different PM on a client’s location, it is possible to generate one Maintenance Ticket, assign main Field Technician, indicate different maintenance types required for every rental unit. Once on the location, the Field Technician can attach Job Safety documents to the Maintenance Ticket. Every Maintenance ticket is numbered, dated, and have multiple statuses. Assigning statuses is identical to the approval process. For example, Field Technicians can change Maintenance ticket status from Open to Pending, and only Service Managers can change the status to Signed/Approved.
Maintenance Card
Every individual unit maintenance event is registered in the Maintenance Card which includes all necessary parts, services, checklists, crew, and comments. Maintenance Cards are numbered, dated, and have multiple statuses, which allow to track when the Card was created and when it was done.
Maintenance Dashboard
The Maintenance Dashboard is the place to manage and monitor all current Maintenance processes. Track individual or group equipment maintenance events, responsible Field Technicians, due dates, and maintenance statuses. Generate Maintenance Reports with specific time periods, clients, and rental units. In other words, it is an ability to work smart, not hard, and manage complex maintenance routines without losing efficiency, resources, and time.

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