RigER Features - Manage Oilfield Service

Configurable Solution for Oilfield Service and Equipment Rentals

Oilfield Sales

Oilfield Sales
Oilfield sales module designed for field and office sales, track all opportunities, bidding estimations and quoting services, equipment, and consumables. Sales module include sales users roles responsibilities segregation and sales approval process. Collect client signatures and management approval of oilfield job sales.
  • Full Control of Sales Process
  • Email notifications about each stage of Sales Process progress
  • Mobile Field Sales
  • Easy convert Sales Orders to Work Orders (WO)
  • Individual Job Prices and Master Service Agreements (MSA)
  • Sales Proposal rejection analysis
  • Revenue Analysis by Sales Person
  • Sales Roles Rights Segregation
  • Discounts Policy
  • Sales Orders Digital Approval Process



  • Sales Quote and Bid
  • Rental Service Agreement (RSA): Service Contract, Master Service Agreement
  • Price List and Client Service Agreement
  • Divisional Price Agreement
  • List of Incoming Jobs
  • Oilfield Sales Reports
  • Open Jobs (Opportunities)
  • Approved Jobs
  • Active Jobs
  • Availability Dashboard
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Dispatching and Scheduling

Dispatching and Scheduling
Dispatching is known to be a very stressful job. RigER helps to relieve stress in dispatchers by eliminating uncertainty and providing all necessary information at their fingertips. With RigER you can schedule recurring oilfield jobs including multi-day jobs one at a time or, using auto-generate function, RigER can generate field service and equipment delivery tickets for you automatically.
  • Full control of Field Job progress
  • See all details of oilfield jobs
  • Email Notifications and Reporting
  • Mobile Oilfield Operations
  • Digital and semi-digital Field Tickets
  • Field Tickets: services and equipment rentals
  • Delivery Tickets
  • Service Tickets
  • Field Maintenance Tickets
  • Disposal Tickets
  • Multi-Day Tickets
  • Internal Job Tickets to track integration jobs and projects
  • Intercompany transfer
  • Employee Hours Report
  • Oilfield Services Reports
  • Availability Dashboard
  • Dispatch Field Technicians
  • Dispatch Rental Units
  • Dispatch Log
  • Field Technicians Calendar
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Field Operations

Field Operations
Oil and Gas filed operations includes oilfield service and equipment rentals. RigER tracks all operations: sales, dispatching and scheduling jobs, resource availability, filed technicians’ calendars, filed operations control, employees hours tracking, trucks mileage control, call sheets, pre-invoice reports, invoicing.
  • See whos available at one screen
  • Real-time status of every job
  • See the big picture of your operations and small details of every job
  • Real-time resources availability
  • Rental Service Agreement
  • Delivery Ticket
  • Field Ticket
  • Repair Ticket
  • Integral Job Ticket
  • Inspection Ticket
  • Sales Ticket
  • Invoice
  • Revenue Reports
  • Documents Reports
  • Oilfield Operations Reports
  • Oilfield Operations Dashboard
  • Management Dashboard
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Price Management

Price Management
Oilfield Price Management consists of several layers of price information, discounting system and special long term price agreements with the client and single job prices. Rental prices include daily rental fees and different rental periods (day, week, month and even year).
  • Easy manage complex pricing systems
  • See all prices in one screen
  • Fast quote generation
  • Accurate invoicing based on prices agreed
  • Oilfield Price LIst (Services, Equipment Rentals, Consumables)
  • Client Price Agreement for Client/Division for the specific period
  • Rental Periods Settings
  • Price Book
  • Price Matrix
  • Oilfield Price Report: Service s…
  • Discount Analysis
  • Price Analysis
  • Rental Equipment Availability
  • Item Price Analysis (new)
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Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals
Oilfield Rentals Module covers all aspects of oilfield equipment rentals operations: price management, field sales, real-time availability dashboards, dispatching, field operations, billable days calculations, invoicing, allocation tools, billing cycles, and others. This module helps to track all equipment movements to the field and back, installations, services, inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs, purchases, insurance, and sales.
  • Real-Time Oilfield Equipment Availability
  • Rental Units Utilization Analysis
  • Inspections and Repairs Tracking
  • Preventive Maintenance Control
  • Rental Unit Total Cost of Ownership
  • Ongoing Rentals Automatic Invoicing
  • Same-Day Invoicing
  • Rental Period Calculations
  • Rental Agreement
  • Delivery Ticket
  • Return Ticket
  • Rental Invoice
  • Rig Movement Note
  • Rental Break Note
  • Rental Equipment Availability
  • Location Report
  • Pre-Invoice Report
  • Rental Days Calculation
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Rental Revenue Analysis
  • Oilfield Rental Revenue Forecast
  • Oilfield Tickets List
  • Rental Units Availability
  • Unit Numbers Availability
  • Rental Units Calendar
  • Rental Unit Analytics
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Invoicing and Billing

Invoicing and Billing
Oilfield Service and Equipment Rental Invoicing could be very complex and require a lot of details and additional information provided to Oil and Gas Operators. Service providers need to show location name, well, job number, CC, PO and over 20 other mandatory and optional fields. Invoice for drilling pad can be allocated between several wells. The invoice can be only for service, only rentals, only for equipment repairs or in many cases compile everything in one invoice. Watch our webinar to view RigER invoicing software capabilities in action.
  • 24 hour invoicing after the job is done
  • Next Day Invoicing
  • Accurate Invoicing based on Agreed Prices and Service Provided
  • No Revenue Missing (rental days, service provided via digital tickets)
  • All job in one invoice – tickets included: equipment delivery and return, services, equipment inspections, services and repairs, 3d party incoming services, consumable and rental units sales,
  • Invoice splitting between different wells: splitting, batch drilling invoicing
  • Automatic invoice generations
  • Use different billing cycles and rental periods
  • Invoice Slitting Options: Batch Drilling, Multi-Well Invoice, Master Invoice)
  • Save time – Integration with Accounting (QB, QBO, Sage, etc.), ERP (MS Dynamics, BusinessCentral, SAP, etc) and E-Billing (Open Invoice, etc)
  • Invoice
  • Billing Cycle
  • Invoice Generator
  • List of Invoices
  • Revenue Reports
  • Sales Person Commission Based on Invoice
  • Accounting and Billing Synchronization Control
  • Invoice Statuses
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • Revenue Analysis
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Safety Documents

Safety Documents
Oilfield Safety Documents is an integral part of Oilfield Operations.
  • Connect JSA with Filed Tickets
  • Control Safety
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Near Miss Report
  • Employees Skills and Qualifications
  • Field Tickets without Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Delivery Tickets without Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Employees Skills and Qualifications
  • Employees Certifications Expire (such as H2S)
  • Safety Officer Dashboard
  • Operations Dashboard
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Business Analytics

Business Analytics
Full Business Analysis of Unit Economics and Operation Performance: Revenue, Cost, Gross Operation Profit.
  • See the big picture and small details about oilfield operation performance
  • Operation Expense Matrix: Expenses, Departments,
  • Corporate Reporting Structure Setup: Line of Business, Departments and Divisions
  • Oilfield Service Reports
  • Oilfield Equipment Rentals Reports
  • Documents Registers
  • Revenue Reports
  • Utilization Reports
  • Gross Profit / Operation Profit Reports
  • Equipment Technical Reports
  • Employees Reports
  • Payroll Reports
  • Other Reports
  • Operations Dashboard
  • Dispatch Dashboard
  • Management Dashboard
  • Unit Economics Dashboard
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Mobile Oilfield

Mobile Oilfield
Mobile Oilfield is a great tool to manage complex and growing field operations: oilfield service, equipment rentals, safety, other field operations). RigER Mobile Oilfield consists of several mobile application for a different group of users: oilfield sales, field technicians, equipment inspectors, filed purchases. The mobile application can work offline in the filed without internet connectivity and sync with cloud when signal available. The separate application designed for dispatchers – mobile thin client with Wi-Fi support.
  • Connect Office and Oilfield
  • Get Sensitive Filed Data Faster
  • Digital and Semi-Digital Field Tickets
  • Accurate Data in the tickets
  • Speed up ticket generation
  • Take Photos on the field and attach to the particular oilfield job document
  •  Send to the office immediately
  • Collect signature at the mobile devices
  • Rental Service Agreement: – Generate Quite in the Field, Bid in the field, Digital Approval process
  • Delivery Ticket
  • Field Ticket
  • Safety Documents
  • Equipment Inspections
  • Availability Report
  • No Dashboards for mobile Apps so far, but we continues add features to our platform, so it can be available soon
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Integration becomes one of the main trends in software development. RigER constantly connected with several wide-used in oilfield service software packages: accounting (QuickBooks, QBO, Sage 50, Microsoft Business Central, etc), office (MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS World, MS Office 365) and other software.
  • Save Time
  • Accurate Data Transfer
  • Optimize Data Flow
  • Efficiently Collect Details
  • Item Migration Mapping Table
  • Corporate Reporting Structure Setup: Line of Business, Departments and Division
  • Exported Documents – Accounting Integration
  • Submitted Documents – E-Billing Integration
  • Exported Documents – Accounting Integration
  • Submitted Documents – E-Billing Integration
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Be Always in Control

  • See Full Picture and Make Data-driven Decisions
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  • Solve Business Challenges (Sales, Service, Revenue)
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