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From Mobile Field Ticket to Management Dashboard

Drew Anderson Owner, SandPro
“We knew what we were looking for: we needed invoicing, repairs, asset management, and analytics. We ended up with about 5 different oilfield software solutions we asked for a quote. After we had short discussions about what we were looking for and what software offered, RigER ended up being right in the pocket, both on price and resources available…”
Avinash Cuddapah Managing Partner, Downhole Well Solutions
“We already had a good idea of what our business processes and documents needed to look like, so we wanted to find a software solution that would be flexible enough to be tailored towards our current workflow while at the same time, something with a robust platform and user-friendly interface that would be reliable and easy to use.”
Humberto Guzman District Manager, Kenergy
“We sped up field ticket processing time and now we invoice our client within 24 hours after the job is done using RigER oil ad gas software. Sales and operations processes were improved and streamlined, which allows us to get more jobs from our clients”
Ryan Low IT Project Manager, Katch Kan
“Having selected RigER because it is a specialty oil and gas software for rental and services business, it was the right fit in terms of the data we needed to manage and the pre-programmed workflow.  Katch Kan was able to cut implementation time down significantly compared to the configuration required with a general ERP and we were able to start entering Rental tickets in RigER out of the box within weeks of being installed.”
Tamara Fahlman General Manager, TOG Systems
“Learning a new system is always a challenge, but the level of support and responsiveness of the RigER team made it easy for us. After several months of using the new operations management software, we already see the benefits of tracking equipment in real time and now get our invoices out to our clients much faster … and with increased accuracy.”
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With our oilfield software solution, we help companies like yours efficiently manage their day to day operations in the field i.e generate tickets, rental invoices, hour tracking, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do field tickets work?
A: Field tickets are a critical part of oil and gas operations. They are used to track job details such as equipment used, time worked, and expenses incurred. Field tickets can be created on paper or digitally and are used to generate invoices and track job profitability.
Q: How does asset management software work?
A: Asset management software is used to track and manage assets such as equipment, tools, and vehicles. The software tracks asset location, maintenance history, and usage to ensure assets are available when needed and are properly maintained.
Q: What are the types of operations management?
A: There are many types of operations management, including production planning, scheduling, quality management, inventory management, and supply chain management. Each type of operations management is designed to ensure efficient and effective production and delivery of products and services.
Q: What is ERP in oil and gas?
A: ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a type of software that integrates multiple business functions such as accounting, inventory management, and production planning. In the oil and gas industry, ERP software is used to streamline operations and improve efficiency.
Q: How do you calculate equipment utilization?
A: Equipment utilization is calculated by dividing the total amount of time the equipment was used by the total amount of time the equipment was available. This metric helps businesses understand how efficiently their equipment is being used and can identify areas for improvement.
Q: Why is predictive maintenance so important in the oil and gas industry? What problems does it solve?
A: Predictive maintenance is important in the oil and gas industry because it helps prevent equipment failures and downtime. Predictive maintenance uses data and analytics to identify potential equipment failures before they occur, allowing for repairs to be made before the equipment breaks down.
Q: What is scheduling and dispatching?
A: Scheduling and dispatching involves coordinating resources such as personnel, equipment, and vehicles to ensure efficient and timely completion of jobs. In the oil and gas industry, scheduling and dispatching is critical for ensuring that jobs are completed on time and on budget.
Q: What are the key features of RigER?
A: Key features of RigER include rental management, service management, asset management, inventory management, and document management. The software also includes reporting and analytics tools to help businesses track their performance and make data-driven decisions.
Q: How do you track equipment location and availability?
A: RigER includes a robust asset management system that allows you to track equipment location, availability, and maintenance schedules. The system includes real-time tracking, alerts for maintenance and repairs, and a dashboard for monitoring asset utilization.
Q: What is the process of transferring our data to RigER?
A: The process of transferring data to RigER typically involves exporting data from existing systems and importing it into RigER using the software’s data migration tools. RigER provides guidance and support throughout the data transfer process to ensure a smooth transition.