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Thank You – Our Key Clients

What riger customers say:

“It’s been anywhere between 10 to 15 days before we could get the invoice sent to the customer, if not longer. And now, we’re getting them before the guys even get to back to the yard from whatever job they’ve done. So, now it’s same day. That was a huge help.”
Blair Kenley, Operations Manager
“Learning a new system is always a challenge, but the level of support and responsiveness of the riger team made it easy for us. After several months of using the new system, we already see the benefits of tracking equipment in real time and now get our invoices out to our clients much faster … and with increased accuracy.”
Tamara Fahlman, General Manager
TOG Systems
“In working with this product [riger], and team, I was incredibly impressed – when I heard, and I didn’t believe it until I made the call – that I could talk to the programmer, that I could actually talk to the CEO. And, I was impressed that your whole team is so hands-on with its clients.”
Erin Vasquez, Rental Coordinator
Butch’s Companies

Why riger®

Faster Invoicing
Fleet Utilization Increase
Administrative Cost Reduction
Lost Equipment Ratio Reduction
Service Response Time Reduction

Modules of riger® – Digitalization of Oilfield Operations

See how with riger® you can:

Manage Equipment Rental Operations
  • Generate Oilfield Rental Invoices in 24 hours!
  • Know Where your Rental Fleet and Field Team is
  • Schedule Oilfield Service Instantly
  • Dispatch Rental Fleet Faster
Be Always in Control
  • See Full Picture and Make Data-driven Decisions
  • Streamline Business Processes and Supporting Documentation
  • Solve Business Challenges (Sales, Service, Revenue)
  • Analyse Performance on Ongoing Basis