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How Kenergy Gets to Invoice its Customers 10 Times Faster

About Kenergy Oilfield Solutions
Kenergy Oilfield Solutions is a rapidly expanding company offering well testing, flow back, pumping services as well as equipment rentals. It has 100+ employees operating across 3 states.
Kenergy were looking for a flexible and scalable digital solution to streamline as many aspect of business as possible. The key goal was to reduce “ticket-to-invoice” time which at that moment was delayed by up to 3 weeks.

Key challenges


Connecting and managing multiple allocated areas across 7 operational divisions


Processing high volume of field tickets daily for faster invoicing


Field tickets came to the office with 3 weeks delay

RigER Solution

As Kenergy was looking for a digital system that would also provide mobile application support they came across RigER Oilfield Operations Management Suite which ended up being a top performer in functionality, ease of use, customization, and cost.
RigER configuration for Kenergy was based on previous experience with similar Frac&Flowback companies with specific modifications required by the client. The core features and modules were: Price Management, Purchases, Oilfield Invoicing, Oilfield Rentals, Maintenance, Inspections and Repair. Fast and efficient implementation, project management and training services took only 12 weeks.​

What Kenergy got as a result

  • Same day invoicing: ticket-to-invoice time reduced by 95%
  • Fast data processing with all field information reaching the office within 24 hours
  • Improved inventory visibility and simplified dispatching process
  • Storing data from all remote locations in a single cloud application

What the Client Says

“We sped up field ticket processing time and now we invoice our client within 24 hours after the job is done. Sales and operations processes were improved and streamlined, which allows us to get more jobs from our clients”,

Humberto Guzman, Kenergy District Manager.
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