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RigER University: Empowering Users with Knowledge

Welcome to RigER University, where knowledge meets simplicity. RigER University, an initiative by RigER Inc., redefines how Oilfield Services industry professionals access and utilize valuable information.
Serving as a comprehensive knowledge hub for its user community, it offers a seamless educational journey by providing One Access Point to All Content. Dive into a world where General Content, Customer Specific Content, and a Customized User Experience converge to redefine how you learn and grow.
Elevate Your Learning Experience
RigER University’s mission is to increase user loyalty, improve the overall user experience, foster enriched communication, and nurture the growth of the RigER Community.
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Knowledge Base
Discover a treasure trove of insights at your fingertips with RigER Knowledge Base—a hub where valuable content effortlessly flows. Dive into a rich collection tailored to your needs, from general know-how to customer-specific gems. Here, accessing the content you crave is as easy as a casual scroll or a quick search. It’s not just about data; it’s about making your learning experience as natural as a conversation. RigER Knowledge Base is your companion in the journey of exploration, ensuring that the content you seek is always within arm’s reach. Because when it comes to knowledge, we believe in making it feel like second nature.
Unlock RigER University Access with the Launch of RigER 11.0!
Experience the latest and greatest in RigER 11.0 New Orleans while scoring your all-access pass to RigER University. Elevate your game in oilfield operations with this killer combo of tech innovation and expert-guided learning.
Here is what RigER University offers:
  • One Access Point to All Content: Whether you’re seeking general content or customer-specific resources, RigER University provides a seamless platform to access everything you need. From Knowledge Base articles and Webinars to RigER e-Learning Courses and Customer specific documents.
  • Customized User Experience: Tailored to individual preferences, RigER University ensures a personalized learning journey.
  • User Statistics: Gain insights about the learning progress of the team or individual users and help them grow the expertise.
  • User Role Defined Recommendations: Receive targeted content recommendations based on your role within the company.