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Oilfield Operations Management Software


Plan assets for deployment; analyze rental fleet and workforce utilization; be up to date on field activity and customer service requests; schedule services and communicate with field operators in quickly; communicate with purchasing, sales, maintenance, finance and other depts instantly – some of the daily challenges of the Operations and Rental Fleet/Asset managers at an oilfield service or rentals company – tough job for tough people!
What if we told you that our operations management software can make the job easier? Let us show you how …

With an operations management software in place, you can easily manage your inventory, know where each piece of equipment is, if it is available, deployed, needs maintenance or repair. You can create electronic field tickets, schedule and dispatch jobs, track time and much more.

Digital Transformation Delivered

See how RigER: Oilfield Services ERP can help you with your daily operations

What Our Customers Say

  • Tracking Complex Rental Fleet;
  • Scheduling and Dispatching Jobs;
  • Inspections, Repairs and Maintenance Records;
  • Eliminate Paper Tickets and Fast Invoicing.
“The RigER is a great tool to dispatch jobs quickly, invoice clients faster, and get accurate reports. It has powerful mobile apps, oilfield maps and geo locations, and fast and friendly support”
Humberto Guzman, District Manager
Kenergy Oilfield Solutions

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Operational KPIs

Here is how you can evaluate the efficiency of your operations. We identify 4 main key performance indicators for oilfield operations.
Average Job Operation Profit Margin by Department
  • Formula: Total Operation Profit ÷ Total Job Revenue x 100
  • Unit of Measure: %
Average Rental Fleet Group Utilization
  • Formula: Deployed Days ÷ Days in Fleet x 100
  • Unit of Measure: %
Average Field Personnel Utilization by Department
  • Formula: Total Operation Hours ÷ Total Available Hours x 100
  • Unit of Measure: %
Total Downtime Hours by Equipment Groups
  • Formula: Downtime (From Client Call to Resolution Confirmation)
  • Unit of Measure: Hours

RigER oilfield operations management software offers more than 110+ reports: from assets availability and utilization to revenue and client analyses, and more. Check some of the most popular reports among our clients.

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