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Digital dispatching and scheduling oilfield jobs

There is no doubt that dispatching is one of those jobs that is directly associated with high responsibility, constant interaction with team members from all other departments of the company and efficient use of available resources. So, being in the center of all these actions and making multiple important decisions on a daily basis can be, and usually is highly stressful.
One of the core goals of riger® is to be the right tool for the dispatcher by allowing to easily manage every single aspect of a job that can, in any way, be associated with dispatching – be it the availability of resources, deploying/returning equipment, service provision, repairs, inspections, maintenance, personnel management, and so on…

Equipment/Inventory Availability

This is a topic that has a very high level of importance for dispatching. Provide the dispatcher with correct and up-to-date information about equipment and/or personnel availability, and there will be no need to spend (waste) time on trying to understand what’s on hand at any moment in time. riger® offers a wide range of such tools that provide valuable information with just the right amount of details needed.

Here are just a few examples:


Equipment Deployment/Return and Service Provision

For the movement of the individual items and for service provision riger® uses Rental and Field Tickets. Rental Tickets are geared towards rental operations – those start and stop rental periods – while Field Tickets are intended to be used for oilfield services.

There are different types of Rental Tickets – each intended to perform a specific action:

Field Tickets, on the other hand, do not have types and do not incorporate the functionality to work with rental equipment. Main focus is on service with possible addition of consumables needed for the services.
The dispatcher has the ability create as many tickets as needed and in any combination that is necessary – there is no limitation.
It is worth mentioning that all tickets that belong to one job will be created under one RSA document, which in riger® is an oilfield job.


Field Technician Dispatch

Having current information about Field Technicians’ availability is no less important than the equipment availability information. Being able to schedule jobs with the right Field Technician who is fit for the job will ensure quality of service and client satisfaction.

As it was the case with equipment availability, there are several tools in riger® that provide information about field personnel, for example:

Job Schedules

Having recurring tasks automated saves a lot of time, and for a dispatcher it can be very helpful to be able to schedule recurring services. The riger® software has a scheduling mechanism that allows creating schedules and automating tasks. Schedules can be created either for Field Tickets or for Rental Tickets of type Service. The scheduling mechanism is flexible enough to let the dispatcher define the exact pattern needed for the ticket generation reoccurrence – for example: set a daily, weekly, monthly, on a specific day(s) of the week or month and so on…

There is much more that can be said when talking about how riger® handles dispatching operations, and a few paragraphs of text are just simply not enough. Contact us, schedule a demo, and let us show you how riger® can help boost your dispatching (and not only…).

See how with riger® you can:

Manage Equipment Rental Operations 

  • Generate Oilfield Rental Invoices in 24 hours!
  • Know Where your Rental Fleet and Field Team is
  • Schedule Oilfield Service Instantly
  • Dispatch Rental Fleet Faster

Be Always in Control

  • See Full Picture and Make Data-driven Decisions
  • Streamline Business Processes and Supporting Documentation
  • Solve Business Challenges (Sales, Service, Revenue)
  • Analyse Performance on Ongoing Basis