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At RigER, we understand that the journey to success is often paved with questions and uncertainties. That’s why we believe in the transformative power of timely assistance. Whether you have a specific query, need guidance, or seek troubleshooting assistance, our dedicated support team is here to ensure you navigate every challenge seamlessly. Through our various support channels, including the RigER Support Portal, Support Email, direct phone calls, support text messages, and live chat, we strive to provide you with the assistance you need when you need it most. Your success is our priority, and we’re delighted to be your partners on this journey.

Support Channels

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RigER University, Your Self-Discovery Hub
In addition to our robust support channels, RigER University stands as a beacon for those who prefer self-guided exploration. In RigER U, you will find different types of content, including our knowledge base, webinars, eLearning courses, and client-specific documents
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Get quick and clear answers to your common questions in the this FAQ section, simplifying your experience with easy solutions at your fingertips.
Q: I am unable to login into my RigER account. It asks me to change my password and enter my old one. Then it gives me an error that the old password is incorrect. Why?
  • One of our most recent enhancements to our software security was an option “Force a user to change their password”. Only RigER admin can enable this option and set an interval for password change. You need to reach out to your admin asking them to reset the password for you. Once you know the old password, you can set up a new one at your next login. Please be aware that periodic password change is a must in securing your daily operations and sensitive data in the modern world of technologies.
Q: I am a RigER Admin. How can I enforce periodic password change for our users?
  • As a RigER Administrator you can enable a mandatory password update in Settings > Default Values of your account. You can set up a frequency of password change with the most frequent change of 30 days and the least frequent change of 180 days. If any of your users becomes inactive, their account will be locked in 90 days. The locked account can be reactivated from within the user card.
Q: I am trying to post a Rental Ticket and I am getting an error that quantity of rental units is insufficient at the Main Shop. How can I proceed with the ticket?
  • It looks like there aren’t enough rental units available for deployment at your main shop. To ensure that rental units are available for deployment you need to check Availability UN or Activity Log dashboards and locate rental units by their Unit Numbers. The rental units must have the status Ready to Rent to be deployed to the location.
Q: We have recently increased our rates and service pricing. How can I change those rates and set up them so that they come up automatically when making a rental ticket, etc?
  • You might need to use Price Lists to update your pricing. Go to Oilfield and under Prices click on the Price List. You can copy the existing price list into a new document, update your prices and change the date when these prices should be active. If you want to change prices specific to your clients, you should use Price Agreement documents.
Q: I need to know how I can remove taxes from our invoices for one of our departments.
  • If the invoice has been already exported to accounting software, you might need to uncheck Exported checkbox to unlock the invoice (Only a user with admin rights can do it). Then, under the Tax Schedule make sure that the Tax Exempt schedule is selected from the drop-down menu. Also, check that the Tax Schedule is set to Tax Exempt on all item lines and tabs inside the document.
Q: I have a problem with the RSA (Rental Service Agreement) #RSA-0012. When trying to mark it as Closed, it said that there was still equipment on location. How can I fix this?
  • If you see this warning, it means that you need to bring your equipment back to your yard or shop. To send it back, you need to create a Rental Ticket type Pickup and post it within the system. Make sure you select the correct equipment and adjust dates for a job. After a full job cycle is completed, you will be able to close the RSA.
Q: We are using Oilfield Service Report for tracking services that we provide along the job. If we want to track consumables, what report would work for our needs?
  • We have a variety of different Oilfield Operations Reports. While Service Report is really helpful in tracking services, you can use Inventory on Hand Report to track your consumables either billable to a customer or just yard usage.
Q: The report that we are currently using doesn’t include the amounts for spend for items by different departments. It looks like all those expenses go to the Other column and we want them to go the appropriate spend columns like Capex, Opex and Maintenance. How can we get this done?
  • This is how the report is configured by default to help oilfield rental companies keep track of their expenses. If you want to distribute your expenses by your internal departments, it will include a bit of customization and we can adjust the report to serve your specific needs. To proceed, we need to see an exact layout of the report in the Excel file and based on this we can estimate the development costs.
Q: We want to adjust the Description column and include Terms and Conditions on our Invoice print form. Is this possible?
  • Yes, absolutely. We offer the flexibility to tailor any print form according to your specific requirements. With a diverse range of print forms at our disposal, we can customize them to align with every aspect of your business.
Q: We want to disconnect RigER from QuickBooks and prepare a separate export option to NetSuite. Is this something you support and can help us with?
  • Sure. RigER provides integrations with a variety of most popular accounting software, billing and CRM systems, e-signature, etc. Usually, all you need to provide is your admin details and we can set this up for you. Also, you can find the required documentation in our knowledge base for all integrations that we currently support.
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Support best practices

We are here for our clients in minutes, not days. This is why RigER Support offers multi-channel support. We don’t keep customers waiting.
Each support ticket is important for us. We analyze your issue, prepare guidance of solvation, assist in solving it.
How you can help us to help you better? There are a few small tips which allow us to understand your issue better and provide solution quicker:
  • Specifically describe the situation
  • Provide as much details as possible to save time
  • Attach Screenshot (save time to provide details)
  • Don’t wait till next time!

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