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Digitalization of Telecommunications in the Oilfield

RigER software helps telecommunications providers to optimize operations and services across remote sites. It enables field workers, supervisors, and office staff to seamlessly and simultaneously optimize operational and administrative processes in one easy-to-access place.

Solve Your Specific Telecommunications Needs

Automate your billing, get real-time reports on performance and get full visibility into the cost of each job. Make the most of your resources with an operations management software that scale as you grow.

How does it work?

We implement key RigER software components that ensure efficient operations, even in remote locations. The RigER platform is also customizable so that any variation in functions can be added or modified to match up with your organization’s work processes. Some of the core features of RigER include setting up item attributes, pricing for combo units, equipment scheduling, tracking of rental units and quality control management. RigER can be used on any device online or offline and supports integration with a wide array of specialty applications and software systems.
Items attributes:
RigER allows you to order and set up different attributes for Rental Units or Unit Numbers (mac addresses, radio frequencies, etc).
Combo units:
Accurate pricing for several components, required for a single project. Effectively manage required products while minimizing costs and inventory.
Barcode scanning:
A Device Camera enables quick search and selection of Unit Numbers in documents, minimizing human error and reducing delays.
Scheduling and tracking:
Special documents for dispatch (load sheet) and return (return sheet) of large and small equipment.
Assembly list:
Group and track Rental Units to one Item: One Price, Multiple Components, Multiple Jobs.
Quality Control:
Monitor quality of operations, purchases, inventory and documentation all in one place.

Why RigER?

With a number of Operations Management Solutions on the market, the company had to start somewhere and ended up testing 5 solutions in 5 years.
“Although some products helped us to track telecom equipment and others to invoice our clients, one product wasn’t able to deliver on all our business requirements in a timeframe and at the optimal to us cost. So, we kept looking,” – Tamara said.
Tamara Fahlman, General Manager
TOG Systems

See how with RigER you can:

Manage Equipment Rental Operations
  • Generate Oilfield Rental Invoices in 24 hours!
  • Know Where your Rental Fleet and Field Team is
  • Schedule Oilfield Service Instantly
  • Dispatch Rental Fleet Faster
Be Always in Control
  • See Full Picture and Make Data-driven Decisions
  • Streamline Business Processes and Supporting Documentation
  • Solve Business Challenges (Sales, Service, Revenue)
  • Analyse Performance on Ongoing Basis