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Software for Offshore Rentals and Services

Offshore equipment requires high reliability to minimize cost of operation and downtime due to failure. Providing high quality equipment and services for offshore operations has to be done right the first time. This requires rigorous planning, inspection processes, and dedication to quality control. RigER makes it possible to manage assets, inspection certifications, approval steps and provides a system to house the workflow and operations of your offshore equipment rental and services business.

From Field Tickets to Management Dashboards

Plan and manage rental and services jobs
Manage reservations of items for equipment delivery
Dispatch and keep track of backup units
Manage certification dates, documents and attachments

Manage Offshore Equipment Rental and Services

Offshore Vessels
Manage Offshore Service Vessels operations in RigER to manage vessels and crew to provide transportation and other services for offshore locations.
  • Dispatch vessels and crew
  • Keep track of Motor Vessel history, jobs, trips, and customer location
  • Invoice directly from RigER for the services or transportation
Work Orders and Shop Operations
RigER’s Shop Mobile Apps allow the technician to
  • Managing equipment return requirements for different equipment categories is done through Work Order template
    – Defines the process flow, required inspections and quality control requirements
    – Technician follow the steps to pass or rework equipment before it’s available for rent again
  • Customizable Work Order steps can include, inspections, parts order, and services requests for the item to become available for rent
  • Check-in mobile app allows the technician to perform a visual inspection and confirm the serial number is physically returned from the job
  • Create Work Order for tool inspection and rework. Simple work instructions on the tablet keep the technician on track
Offshore Equipment Inspections
  • Pre and Post job equipment inspections to ensure high quality and reliability of the tools for the job
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Set up diverse inspection flow for a group of items (Inspection upon return of used equipment; Inspection in the field; Inspection of new items or storage equipment)
  • UT Inspection:
    a. Store, track and update Ultrasonic Testing (UT) readings and certification of your equipment
    b. Manage the processes and procedures of performing equipment thickness readings to tack item integrity, wear trends, and stay consistent with compliance of ISO certifications
    c. Set thresholds, perform UT inspections, record results and check equipment wear to determine which step of the lifecycle is next: ready to rent, attention required or needs to be scrapped
    d. Attach readings and certificates to the asset
    e. Keep track of test tool calibration records, machine usage, and attach UT Readings to the asset for customer reference and to track historical data
  • PT Inspection
    a. Pressure Test that are performed on equipment to inspect
    b. Pressure Test is performed on equipment that operates in high pressure, deep water environment. Periodic testing ensures high integrity of equipment when it’s sent on a job
    c. Pass or Fail results with PSI readings are synced up with RigER
    (Set condition of failed units and send to rework; Upload results to the passed units and send to the rental job)
    d. Setup approval steps to review results before they’re sent to offshore jobs

All-In-One Cloud and Mobile Solution

Enjoy seamless access to your rental operations data and tools, from any device or location, for easy management of your rental equipment and customer orders
Equipment Storage Tracking
  • Store, track and manage storage and billing of customer owned equipment
  • Rent storage space by basket, item or square footage
  • Manage rental terms and invoice directly from RigER
  • Equipment is received and returned through a storage ticket
  • Storage tickets include labor and consumable parts or materials
Quality Control
  • Quality Control module is designed to alert, document, investigate and perform Quality Corrective Actions (QCA) to correct nonconformities, both internally and within the supply chain. The goal is to minimize the reoccurrence of issues and incidents affecting the quality of business operations.
  • QCA document is a record that allows multiple users defined by specific roles to alert, investigate, take corrective action to address the issue. Final review and cost analysis is performed on a managerial level and QCA data is managed in various reports and dashboard.
  • The HSE module allows you to manage the HSE investigation workflow from the initial incident reporting to the resolution step
    a. Designated employees report the incident, record details, summary and description and notification is sent to concerning parties
    b. Investigation team is assigned to identify the Direct & Root Cause, assign a corrective action to complete a thorough investigation
    c. The verification team from the HSE department will review the case and make the determination to proceed
  • HSE Workflow
    a. Incident Report initialization
    b. Investigation and Corrective Action
    c. Review and Verification
    d. Cost analysis
    e. Reporting
  • HSE investigation data is held secure through control settings managed by the HSE department administrator

Offshore Service and Equipment Rentals

Effective and Hassle-free Tool for the Whole Team

With powerful rental inventory management software such as RigER, you have a tool to grow your business and bring more value to customers

RigER streamlines asset management processes for everyone involved, from accountants issuing invoices with accurate rental job information 10 times faster, to operations managers who can now gain complete visibility into their fleet and field crew through dashboards and reports. Field technicians are equipped with RigER’s mobile oilfield app, eliminating the need for paper-based tracking of job details. Enjoy enhanced transparency and efficiency across all aspects of asset management with RigER’s software solution

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