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Offshore Rentals and Services Operations Management Software

RigER is facilitating efficient and cost-effective operations for offshore service companies worldwide. As a cloud-to-mobile solution, RigER replaces traditional paper-based and manual processes with an intuitive digital platform, enabling companies to streamline their operations and maximize their profits.

Offshore Equipment Rental Software

Simplify and speed up field ticket, timesheet, and safety document management with RigER’s streamlined software solution, eliminating errors and delays associated with paper and spreadsheet-based processes

From Field Tickets to Management Dashboards

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All-In-One Cloud and Mobile Solution

Enjoy seamless access to your rental operations data and tools, from any device or location, for easy management of your rental equipment and customer orders
Efficient Inventory Management
Our software provides comprehensive inventory management capabilities that allow offshore rentals and services companies to track equipment, consumables, and parts from procurement to usage. This real-time tracking helps businesses avoid stock shortages, optimize inventory levels, and reduce costs. With RigER’s software, companies can easily view their inventory levels, monitor their equipment’s location, and schedule maintenance as needed.
Improved Decision-Making
RigER provides advanced reporting and analytics capabilities that give you deep insights into your rental operations. This empowers you to make informed decisions about inventory management, customer orders, and overall business strategy. With RigER’s robust reporting capabilities, you can easily identify trends and opportunities for optimization, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

Effective and Hassle-free Tool for the Whole Team

With powerful rental inventory management software such as RigER, you have a tool to grow your business and bring more value to customers

RigER streamlines asset management processes for everyone involved, from accountants issuing invoices with accurate rental job information 10 times faster, to operations managers who can now gain complete visibility into their fleet and field crew through dashboards and reports. Field technicians are equipped with RigER’s mobile oilfield app, eliminating the need for paper-based tracking of job details. Enjoy enhanced transparency and efficiency across all aspects of asset management with RigER’s software solution

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