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Managing operational logistics and invoicing is a major challenge and often significant bottle neck for many Oilfield businesses. Following a great market response, year after year RigER added many great new features and modules helping customers go digital. It developed into a full-scale operational enterprise resource planning (ERP) eco-system with a combination of cloud and mobile applications integrated with different business software. Today, RigER has expended its client base in North America. It is rapidly growing, carefully analyzing digital market trends and increasing its market share among software providers for oilfield equipment rental companies. By becoming a partner of RigER you can join our efforts for moving companies to an effective, seamless, paperless enterprise. Our platform and Oilfield expertise will allow you to enhance your offering, stay competitive, and add a new revenue stream.

Create synergistic alliance to open new horizons!

Our partners range from globally known enterprises to startups and entrepreneurs. Each is unique, but they have at least one thing in common – all of them want to add value for their customers with industry-leading digital solutions.
1. Sales Agent.
A sales-only agent that generates leads for the RigER internal implementation team to onboard the new client. Any organization can be a sales agent.
2. Consulting Partner.
A software consulting or an accounting company that has an interest and ability to implement software but may lack advanced knowledge about RigER. In this case, we’d partner on the implementation project in which the partner organization takes on the responsibility of the implementation management relying on the technical expertise of our team.
3. Implementation Partner.
A software company with internal knowledge and experience, licenses to implement RigER to a client is secured by the company’s sales force or it shared by RigER.

Work with us!

  • We are established and trusted Operational ERP provider for small and medium sized Oilfield companies.
  • We help companies achieving their operational excellence through accurate data management, fast implementation, improved equipment capacity planning, instant invoicing, strong retention of all records, connected sales, operations, accounting, and management.
  • We have World Class Support for all our customers!
  • We are very agile and value focused!
  • We value our partners and believe in long-term mutually beneficial relationships!