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Mobile Field Tickets

RigER’s mobile field ticketing grants you online and offline access to create, review, approve, digitally sign, and upload all types of field tickets from any device. That’s zero unnecessary travel and wait time, no fuel waste, and zero human errors.

Every company is going to have to digitize at some point, the longer you wait, the more it’ll cost you.

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Asset Management

RigER’s digital asset management solution offers you online and offline access to every unit’s full history and current status. You can track equipment, parts, and consumables by jobsite, condition, or date. Bundle equipment into combo units to rent them more easily, and stay ahead of any upcoming maintenance or repairs.

The only thing worse than lost equipment is lost time. It costs money to operate slowly. Digital Asset Management doesn’t.

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Oilfield ERP for Your Business

RigER Implementation for Downhole Tools Company

“Before RigER It was just so much paperwork to fill out and file. We were just always sort of drowning in stacks of paper. It was surreal to see all of that disappear once we finally implemented RigER. To be honest, as frustrating as it was, we never thought about implementing a solution until RigER’s initial demos, mainly because I just didn’t think there was one until then! We were so solidified in our processes and documentation that we were holding out for a software solution that was flexible enough to be tailored towards our existing workflow.”
Avinash Cuddapah
Downhole Well Solutions

From Field Tickets to Management Dashboards


Invoicing, Periodic Billing, Allocations, Cost Control, Business Analytics, Integrations


SCM, Purchase Orders Approvals and Control, Bill of Lading, Purchase Invoice, Budgeting


Consumables and Parts Full Cycle Tracking, Bill of Materials, Assemblies, Consumption


CRM, Price Management, Sales, Service Calls, Sales Commissions

Asset Management

Equipment Rentals, Reservations, Subrentals, Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs, Rework

Field Services

Scheduling, Dispatching, HR, Safety, Mobile Field Tickets, Time Tracking

RigER Implementation for Environmental Services Company

“At first we tried to develop an in-house database system to track equipment and electronic tickets. Development lasted over four years, but we needed a product that could fully support what we do. And RigER did exactly that. We chose RigER because it met a lot of our needs for Equipment Tracking, Proposal Development and Electronic Field Ticket generation. And one of the main key factors in our decision was the ability to customize the RigER platform to match up with Vapor Point work processes.”
Sean Kirkpatrick
Vapor Point

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Digital Oilfield is our Mission

Drew Anderson Owner, SandPro
“We knew what we were looking for: we needed invoicing, repairs, asset management, and analytics. We ended up with about 5 different oilfield software solutions we asked for a quote. After we had short discussions about what we were looking for and what software offered, RigER ended up being right in the pocket, both on price and resources available…”
Avinash Cuddapah Managing Partner, Downhole Well Solutions
“We already had a good idea of what our business processes and documents needed to look like, so we wanted to find a software solution that would be flexible enough to be tailored towards our current workflow while at the same time, something with a robust platform and user-friendly interface that would be reliable and easy to use.”
Humberto Guzman District Manager, Kenergy
“We sped up field ticket processing time and now we invoice our client within 24 hours after the job is done using RigER oil ad gas software. Sales and operations processes were improved and streamlined, which allows us to get more jobs from our clients”
Ryan Low IT Project Manager, Katch Kan
“Having selected RigER because it is a specialty oil and gas software for rental and services business, it was the right fit in terms of the data we needed to manage and the pre-programmed workflow.  Katch Kan was able to cut implementation time down significantly compared to the configuration required with a general ERP and we were able to start entering Rental tickets in RigER out of the box within weeks of being installed.”
Tamara Fahlman General Manager, TOG Systems
“Learning a new system is always a challenge, but the level of support and responsiveness of the RigER team made it easy for us. After several months of using the new operations management software, we already see the benefits of tracking equipment in real time and now get our invoices out to our clients much faster … and with increased accuracy.”

Oilfield Services Software for Office and Field

RigER is an oilfield services software that enables field workers, supervisors, and office staff to get work done faster and easier – eliminating errors, delays, and inefficiencies associated with paper tickets, spreadsheets, whiteboards and other analogue tools. RigER’s cloud and mobile solutions give users a competitive advantage by making job data available to users regardless of where they are – at the office or in the field. With almost unlimited customization possibilities, RigER can be tuned to the specific processes of each client or company. And with fast implementation companies can run the new system and start get all the benefits in just a couple of months.
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