Ability to effectively manage parts and consumables can easily turn into a competitive advantage for any Oilfield Rentals and Services company when they decide to invest into an inventory management software that works. Real-time monitoring of the incoming and outgoing inventory allows to plan and do oilfield job dispatch right, avoid lost time spent to maintain the inventory data up-to-date manually, and improve cashflow by eliminated unnecessary purchases of parts and consumables that may not be ordered at all.

There are two types of inventory items that can be tracked in RigER: Goods and Materials. They accommodate various types that a rental business might have, like goods, materials, consumables, supplies, parts, etc. After setting up each part of the inventory in the system, you will be able to have full control over your inventory items, i.e. you can consume, move, sell, track inventory, generate reports and get notified if any of them are low in stock in your inventory program.

Let’s see how inventory can be managed in RigER.


Note: to be able to utilize any parts or consumable inventory in RigER for inventory tracking you will need to ‘purchase’ them in the system first. By purchasing parts in the consumables inventory management system you bring them into the stock and they will reflected on the dashboard, which is a dynamic list of rental assets and inventory items.

It is important to know how many of which consumable inventory items are left in stock to understand if more need to be purchased as purchase and delivery process might take up to several weeks. In RigER inventory management system you can set the safety stock amount in every single item cart and you will be notified whenever stock reaches that number. And, you can always generate a report showing all items that need to be reordered.

So, how exactly do you “consume” inventory in RigER? By “consumption” we mean that the inventory management system will write off the quantity of the parts used from the overall stock in the inventory. The inventory is consumed within the following documents in RigER:
  • RSA (Rental Service Agreement)
  • Rental Ticket
  • Field Ticket
  • Repair Ticket
Inventory Dashboard

You can also move goods, materials, parts and other consumable inventory between different shops, yards and warehouses using the inter-company transfer feature of RigER. You may sell the inventory out of RigER using Sales Order.

Here’s the reports that will help make most of your inventory management in RigER:
  1. Weekly equipment report – shows you all the information you need about your inventory on a weekly basis;
  2. Grossing profit margin report – shows the actual profit margin that you get from your inventory;
  3. Inventory on hand report – shows all available on-hand inventory;
  4. Inventory purchases – provides you with all the information regarding purchases of every single piece of inventory;
  5. Inventory sales report – shows sold pieces of inventory;
  6. Inventory turnover report – shows balances of every single piece of inventory broken down by the date, the document type that was used and the location.

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