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OFS Software for Accounting and Financial Management

Working in the accounting department of an oilfield rental or service company involves dealing with:

  • Complex pricing – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, pro-rated, individual discounts;
  • Billing cycles, by location/sublocation (wells), revenue allocation/split between wells, weekly/monthly roll outs, rentals or services only charges, invoice credits;
  • Invoice transfer to accounting systems and e-billing platforms;
  • Revenue analysis, Job Costing and Profitability analysis;

Using software tailored specifically for Oilfield accounting unique needs works to ensure smooth and accurate pricing, invoicing and financial analyses.

What if we told you that there’s a better, easier and faster way to manage all your daily activities using one single system where you can automatically convert tickets to invoices, calculate payroll, get revenue and other financial reports, and more. Sounds interesting?

Streamline your Accounting Processes with RigER

Get Real-Time Financial Insights with RigER Reports

5 Benefits of Using RigER for Accounting and Finance

  • Having RigER as a financial management system improves such activities as customer payment schedules, credit management, and revenue tracking;
  • With its level of automation and tracking capabilities you can easily manage billing, track company’s revenue, invoicing, conduct cost analysis;
  • As most documents are generated automatically and do not require manual data entry, the number of errors reduces drastically. RigER accurately handles all the prices, rates, quantities and time periods;
  • RigER automates documents approval process, increases accountability, and tracks where the delays occur;
  • Finish your billing in hours not days or weeks. Generate invoices the from single tickets or batches with just a few clicks.

Finance KPIs

Here is how you can evaluate the efficiency of your activities. We identify 3 main key performance indicators here.
Sales Cash Flow
  • Formula: Cash Flow from Sales
  • Unit of Measure: $K
Days Sales Outstanding
  • Formula: Average DSO
  • Unit of Measure: Days
Revenue per Employee
  • Formula: Total Revenue ÷ Average Employees Headcount
  • Unit of Measure: $K

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