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RigER for Power Generation

RigER’s platform offers businesses an affordable, modern software solution that helps your team to securely, remotely and efficiently manage every aspect of your growing operations, both online and offline!

Having all information in a single system makes operations easy to manage from first client’s call to final invoice. With the right system in place you have the power to optimize processes throughout the entire company.

Track components, assemblies, combo units, and invoice a job the same day.

All-in-One Operations Management System for Equipment Rentals, and Industrial Services, and Manufacturing

Configurable and Customizable

Why RigER?

“Before RigER, I would spend weeks just keeping track of paper tickets. Once the jobs were done I would have to manually enter information from each ticket to complete my invoicing for the job or for the month. With RigER, when it is time to invoice, I generate an invoice directly from the service agreement and I’m done. RigER has saved me countless hours in my day today operations.”
Ryan Britton, Vice President

Go Paperless with RigER