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Manage Organizational Structure, Pay Rates, Sales Commissions And More

HR department that runs smoothly and efficiently is vital for any successful business – after all, employees are the most valued assets for the company. Human Resources is a term that often covers a wide range of activities which means there is a large amount of documentation involved (paperwork or digital). Thus, having everything in one electronic database, easily accessible and manageable, with several automation processes in place will only help the HR team to do their jobs better and faster.
Questions to keep in mind when you consider adding an HR Module:
  • Do you need to keep organizational structure in the system where it can be updated easily as the structure changes?
  • Do you want to set up payroll rates or rates defined by Departments and/or Lines of Business to expedite payroll processing?
  • Do you need to track hiring, dismissal, promotion, demotion, transfers, and have full history of these actions for each employee?
  • Will you benefit from being able to assign employees to different jobs according to their skills and qualifications? Maybe you even want to add certifications and information about their expiry dates?
  • Do you need to be able to generate detailed reports for labor cost analysis, payrolls, commissions, etc?
  • And, most importantly, – do you want to have everything listed above as an extension in your current oilfield operations management software?
If you answered “Yes” to even a single question, then we recommend you to check-out the HR Module.
Organizational Structure
This particular function of the HR Module allows a user to create the tree-like hierarchical structure of the company, connecting main business entities, departments, and employees in each department. It allows you to define the number of different positions in each department according to the staffing list. Based on this information and the information about hired employees, a report can be generated to show the current staffing table state – positions available vs employees in those positions:
Payroll Rates
The HR Module in RigER employs a flexible payroll rates setup mechanism. It allows you to set up a general rate for a particular employee. It also lets users set up flexible rates for the same employee under different Departments and even Lines of Business your company may have. All this information along with the employee hours tracking (billable/payable/overtime/per diem/or bonus) based on different tickets, flows into the payroll calculation algorithm and as the end result, you are able to pre-populate payroll documents with accurate data and can make adjustments as needed. This requires less manual data entry and saves a lot of valuable time.
Skills, Qualifications and Certifications
Certain types of jobs may require a particular skillset from an employee to qualify for this job. These might be specific safety qualifications, knowledge, experience, or certification to operate complex equipment or machinery. The HR Module allows to add all this information into specific “Employee Skills” documents and track every skill for each employee. You can generate different reports to analyze and evaluate personnel qualifications, and even have automated notification mechanism set up to alert when certifications expire, or re-certification time is coming soon.
There is a lot more in the HR Module in RigER. Reach out to us and we will demonstrate its capability in a live demo.

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