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Track Oilfield Sales Activities

Efficient sales organization is your business growth engine. Every Oilfield Job starts with a closed sale – you can’t skip or save on this step – but you can and should strive to make it efficient and effective.
There are many tools that claim to help sales teams close deals faster and streamline their processes. But, most of those tools were not designed to work for Oilfield Sales, where pool of contacts is limited and trust is the foundation of all relationships. So far no single tool has been able to address unique requirements of the oilfield rental and service companies. Sales people still have to split their time between multiple tools and processes, which inevitably leads to loss of time and lesser deals.
Would it’d be great to have a one system worked for Oilfield Sales, taking into account how things are actually done? …

Well, worry no more – RigER got your back! It allows to keep track/log/history of all sales activities, convert activities into opportunities, then, if approved, directly convert them to contracts/agreements and pass to operations – managing all from one place.

Your All-In-One Specifically Oilfield Oriented Sales CRM

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Oilfield Sales KPIs

Here is how you can evaluate efficiency of your sales operations. We identify 4 main key performance indicators for oilfield sales.
Salesperson Sales Activity (Individual)
  • Sales calls and Meetings per Salesperson
  • Unit of Measure: Number of Calls and Meetings with Prospects
Region Market Share
  • Active Jobs ÷ Total Drilling Rigs x 100
  • Unit of Measure: %
Total Revenue by Department
  • Net Sales Value
  • Unit of Measure: $K
Salesperson Deals (Individual)
  • Closed Deals ÷ Proposals Cumulative for Reporting Year x 100
  • Unit of Measure: %

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