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Digital Signature with RigER

Do you still have to print out your documents and send them along their merry way and wait patiently for them to be signed, sealed and delivered? This is workplace experiences in oilfield service companies we wish we didn’t have to face – and that’s now a possibility thanks to digital signatures.

Sign documents electronically: agreements, tickets, purchase orders, invoices, etc. No more driving back and forth to deliver information by hand and damaged or lost paper documents.

5 Reasons Why Using Digital Signatures
– Speed/Efficiency;
– User Experience;
– Fewer Errors;
– Security.

Digital signatures are not just the binary version of a scanned hand-written signature. They use cryptographic encryption techniques for secure communication. Digital Signatures are based on public-key encryption (PKI) and can also be formed using a Hashing algorithm.

3 Ways of Signing Documents Electronically with RigER

Integration with PandaDoc

Enable your teams with a simple, sophisticated all-in-one solution to easily manage the creation, editing, and signing of documents

Integration with DocuSign

Handle the most demanding customer requirements, delivering an experience simple enough for practically anyone to adopt

Improve and Streamline Business Processes

Secure, fast, and easy. Capture your handwritten personal signature to add to an electronic document

Benefits of Using Digital Signatures

Create documents in minutes and get them signed in a snap
Faster Transactions
Improve speed of your documents workflow by sending and signing them electronically. Make using e-signatures in your business he cost-saving solution. Time is money!
Fewer Errors
Paper-based systems are often prone to have typos or signatures in the wrong fields. Adopting digital signatures decrease frequency of those errors crucially.
Keep Your Data Secure
Digital signature process provides high level of security using the strongest data encryption technologies available.
User Experience
Enhance your users experience. Signing documents have never been that easy. Instead of printing, signing, and scanning to send back the same document, they just open a signing email request.

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