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Manage all Equipment Repairs

Here’s a situation for you:

A rental unit has just been returned by a client. Your crew inspect it and write out their report and schedule it for repairs and then the documentation has to travel through multiple departments before reaching its final destination in a spreadsheet or filing system. Later that month, somebody in a different department needs that report and has to go through multiple channels to try to get their hands on it. Meanwhile, repairs are overdue and the status of the unit is unclear.

Sound familiar?

We’ve been using the same filing and data entry systems for a very long time, and the truth is they just don’t hold up to the pace at which this industry moves anymore.
With expertise in Oilfield Rentals Operations, RigER offers you a solution that helps you track all your shop repairs, dispatch rental units, and assemblies to and from well locations all in one place.

Solving Complex Oilfield Service And Rental Pricing Challenge

Pricing information and documentation management in RigER ensures detailed tracking to capture and attribute to the source all changes made to the price documents by authorized personnel, in once centralized, easy-to-access place. Key pricing mechanism features on the RigER platform include Daily rate, Periodic rate, Service rate, Sales rate, Package pricing, Standby rate, Discounts, Prices by Divisions, Volume-base pricing and Dynamic Discounts.
With expertise in Oilfield Rentals Operations, RigER offers you a solution that helps you track all your shop repairs and dispatch rental units and assemblies to and from well locations in one place and control complex processes just with few clicks. Here is how it works:
  • Repair Card – When rental items are returned from a location and inspected a status Need Repair is assigned if the equipment is damaged and needs to be repaired. This simple click makes selected items unavailable to rent until repairs are done. Once an item is set to Need Repair condition, a Repair Card is generated automatically with all Item details, dates, and responsible employees
  • Repair Dashboard – See and control all outstanding repair cards in RigER is possible through a Repair Dashboard. The dashboard view allows to get into the repair card level, assign crew to perform the job, review parts, services, defect list for the repaired item. It also allows to check if the repair is billable, hence RigER generates client invoice, and check if the repair is completed, hence making an item available for rent again
  • Oilfield Operations Reports – Oilfield Operations Reports are another useful tool in RigER that allows to generate and view consolidated information on all repairs in a report such as Need Repair Report. It also gives an ability to sort reports by filtering in Date, Location, Client, Rental Unit, and Rental Unit Group. This tool is useful if information needs to be analyzed in a table view, exported to excel, and sent in reports to executives and investors. To generate Repairs Reports periodically, there is an option in RigER to automatically generate reports and send as attachments via email to different recipients.
Here is what you get when using RigER Repairs:
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Eliminate paper backed repair forms
  • Eliminate data re-entry
  • Elevate repairs process transparency to the next level
  • Minimize miscommunication between repair shop and dispatchers
  • Assign crew to repair items
  • Track all items repairs in a dashboard view
  • Track repair Parts, Services, and Crew
  • Manage items status
  • Generate periodical reports and send as an excel attachment
  • Digitalization of Repairs Process

See how RigER handles equipment repairs

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