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Machine Shop

Full control over operational pipeline.
Seamless control of all your operational activities in one reliable solution. RigER Machine Shop improves efficiency and focuses on transparency of entire machine shop and repairs operations. Schedule jobs, make assignments, capture technical data while tracking the availability of people, equipment, parts, create customer reports – all in a single software designed specifically for your business. RigER also integrated with other software, i.e., accounting and ERP, e-billing, maps, office suite and others.

Cybersecure, Reliable and Realistic to Implement

Implementing new software is a challenging task. It requires commitment and desire to improve existing processes and way of conducting operations. RigER Machine Shop is designed to be a secure, reliable, and realistic to implement tool that would help you to bring your operations to the next level.

Connect Shop Floor and Office

All features

Streamlines processes, saves cost, increases your revenue!

Looking to improve your operations and increase your profits? See how RigER Machine Shop could help you to grow and transform your business in a digital era:
Full Control and Transparency
You can always access your database and manage operations from any device, anytime. With RigER’s operational dashboards and analytical reporting you will have a complete access to all your operational KPIs.
Paperless Reporting and Invoicing
No more time-consuming spreadsheets, or lost, damaged or inaccurate paper documents and invoices. With RigER Machine Shop you can track status of every job in real-time.
Manage Work Orders
Assign the right personnel to tasks based on availability, skills set, and equipment location, and monitor their performance.
Increased efficiency
Minimize downtime and increase operational capacity with the same equipment and same number of people. Speed up processing time and invoice your clients faster!

Connects people, processes, and equpment

RigER Machine Shop enables all levels of your operations – from shop floor technicians, machinists, welders, quality control inspectors, and shop foremen to managers and office staff. Improved data accuracy and transparency gives a full control over your operations – allowing for work to be completed faster, easier, eliminating errors, delays, and inefficiencies associated with paper tickets, Excel spreadsheets, whiteboards, and other legacy tools.

RigER is not just an operational software, it is an ecosystem that connects people with your specific processes and equipment. Your shop personnel can see the full work history, track operational time, create, approve, and even sign documents electronically. Your office staff can schedule, assign, track jobs, people, as well as sync operational data with the accounting software of your choice. Capturing all your operational data in RigER provides timely analytical information for strong operational decisions.

Learn How You Can Benefit from RigER Machine Shop Software

Case Study

AWC Frac Technology – AWC Frac Technology specializes in the design, manufacturing, and repair of high-quality API 6A frac valves. Company has been a trusted provider for over 18 years and is a well-established name when it comes to large-bore gate valves. AWC Frac Technology maximizes uptime and increase their client’s productivity through quality frac stack manufacturing and comprehensive aftermarket asset management services.
Multi-regional sales and product delivery operations. Move from legacy systems to one digital solution that would provide operational control and reporting over entire operational cycle, capture technical data, including digital reporting and quality control.
RigER Machine Shop software configured for office and shop floor users adjustable to AWC Frac Technology internal business processes.
  • One system to run operations from Technician to Operations Management
  • Specialized Dashboards for Lean Operational Processes
  • Customized Quality Control Management Module