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How DWS Got Rid of Stacks of Paper and Gained Inventory Traceability

About Downhole Well Solutions

Downhole Well Solutions is an oil & gas service company which provides superior products and service for the upstream market.
DWS wanted to find a software solution that would be flexible enough to be tailored towards their current workflow while at the same time, something with a robust platform and user friendly

Key challenges


Inventory management


Rental Unit Location Tracking


Too Much Paperwork

Right Fit

“When we first started out, we were managing our assets on a whiteboard. Our inventory grew so quickly that we reached the point where there was no longer a way to efficiently operate without some form of ERP system. We needed a platform that could keep track of where our tools were and what we had available to build in inventory.
We looked at a few other platforms but they all wanted us to conform to their setup. RigER was adaptable to what we needed for downhole tool rentals and customized everything to our needs. That was the critical difference. That was the deciding factor.”
Chandler Janca
Managing Partner

Outcome and Experience

RigER helps to optimize and digitize the full cycle of Downhole Tool Operations from purchasing parts and assembling, to dispatching and repairing. It offers features tailored specifically for Downhole Tools Rental operations, including client tool request, order management dashboard, assembly, delivery ticket, return ticket, disassembly dashboard, repairs evaluation, C&D hours tracking, 3rd party inspections, rework, pull sheet, and more.
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