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By Daria Maksymiak March 18, 2022

RigER at DUG Midcontinent

Oklahoma operators are drilling again, with 60 rigs at work, as a trifecta of strong commodity prices has emerged for oil, gas and NGL – a combination that makes rates of return 100% and more in the 1,200 Btu and higher, over-pressured formations of the Anadarko Basin. With a multitude of formations to target, the Midcontinent is back – joining only the Haynesville in a stronger rig count in the Lower 48 today than pre-2019.
DUG Midcontinent provides unprecedented access to executives and technology leaders. The speakers and audiences represent the private and public companies leading, financing and enabling North America’s shale revolution, globalization of LNG, and other major energy trends.
We enjoyed meeting everyone that stopped by our booth at the event. We look forward to continuing our friendships in the years to come! During the Conference we were showing how oilfield service and rentals are simple to manage from the first client call to the final invoice. Including quote and rental agreement, job scheduling, rental fleet management, oilfield calendar monitoring, field tickets, delivery tickets, asset tracking, management reports, analytics, and much much more.
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