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Sufficient theoretical knowledge of something combined with plentiful practical knowledge is very important in any field. It is also safe to say that this importance has a tenfold increase when it comes to operating a successful and growing business in today’s hyper-competitive environment, as having the right tools in hands and knowing how to use them to their full extent directly affects the effectiveness of the actions taken, which, at the end of the day, might as well lead to, or even define that same success.
Here at riger® we know that we offer a software that is a powerful and multifunctional tool, which covers most (if not all) aspects of today’s oilfield operations starting from the simple lead that can lead to a quote and finishing with the various types of invoices. We also understand the fact that for some new users, especially for those with no technical background, riger® can be difficult to navigate through and somewhat intimidating. This, combined with the fact that each individual riger® implementation has it’s own specific configuration that suits the exact needs the business has, are the main reasons that our software comes with various types of training programs and learning materials, which provide guidance on how to start from simple things and move up the ladder to master the most difficult workflows.

Let’s just take a look at the different ways available on how to master riger®

Training: Onsite
This type of training is one of two, that involves direct interaction with qualified riger® software consultants. The training program is tailored to your specific configuration of riger®, discussed and approved by both the customer and RigER team. It would take place at an office or facility of customer’s choice, last for (usually) 2 days and involve a team of 5 or more trainees. We start with a simple introduction to riger® and walk out way through all the workflows that apply to this particular business. During this process, we are shifting our focus from overview, introduction and general workflow that apply to the whole personnel to more operational scope-oriented topics for different departments such as sales, operations, accounting, and so on.
Note – as of the date of this writing, due to travel restrictions in place and health concerns based on the COVID-19 pandemic, the onsite training are suspended.
The main reasons we recommend the onsite training are:
  • High intensity of training sessions
  • Higher user commitment due to concentrated learning
  • Face to face interaction
  • The most effective way of teaching for large groups of users
Training: Online
The second type of training we offer, that involves direct interaction (though virtual rather than in person) with a qualified riger® software consultant is the Online training. For this type of training, the training program, besides being tailored to your specific riger® configuration, is also narrowed down to involve only the necessary information for the particular trainee within his/her scope of operations (i.e. a salesperson, a dispatcher, accountant, etc.). This training is usually organized through virtual communication software (such as Zoom®), be comprised of one-hour sessions and involve one or more users.
  • Flexibility of schedule
  • Time available to practice and collect feedback after sessions
  • Perfect suit for remote teams
  • Cost effectiveness
The riger® Knowledge Base
Being more of a reference tool, the riger® Knowledge Base has a lot to offer when it comes to self-paced learning, understanding how to perform certain steps for a specific task and troubleshooting. The numerous walkthrough, how-to and step-by-step articles are of a great use: be it the case when you are just learning on how to perform a certain action in riger® (for example generate a Rental Ticket) or the situation when you can not recall some aspects of your prior training and want to refresh your memory.
With well over 150 articles, riger® Knowledge Base is a powerful web resource available for you 24/7, with different articles organized to their corresponding categories, and on top of that – a search function that allows to easily find the answers to the questions you might have.
The Digital Oilfield Academy
Yet another web portal for those who might prefer self-paced learning which again is available for you 24/7, riger® Academy is a powerful online learning platform, which offers different courses ranging from the topics covering general workflows and basic interface elements, to more advanced and scope oriented ones such as courses on sales or operations workflows in riger®. A simple sign-up process allows you to see each curriculum for all the courses that available and request enrollment to the ones applicable for you. Each course is designed to fully cover its own scope and provide essential knowledge of all aspects involved. Some courses also come with practice tests and exams, which now lay the foundation of future certifications we plan to roll out.

There are numerous other information resources that we have, such as our YouTube channel with various how-to videos, our webinars and so on, which can be directly accessed from the Resources menu in riger® software, or through our website.
So, whether you require formal training, or prefer self-paced learning, we have got it covered. And when combined, these two paths will inevitably lead to a point when a user realizes s/he has become a professional.

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