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By Daria Maksymiak December 29, 2022

Why Fast-Growing Oilfield Service Companies Should Choose RigER?

How well do you know your business? Your financial results? Your rental or service assets and inventory? Do you have tools that scale as fast as your operations do? The faster your company grows, the more urgent it is to make sure you are well equipped. Having the right system in place will help you streamline your operations throughout the entire company. Adopting a new system (software) can be challenging therefore it is a big decision for CEOs and company owners. Here is a few reasons to consider RigER for your company.
What is RigER?
RigER is an oilfield operations management software for energy service and equipment rental companies. Since 2012, RigER has been helping oilfield workers deliver energy worldwide. As an innovative cloud-to-mobile solutions provider, RigER improves operations by converting traditional “paper and whiteboard” information management processes into a user-friendly digital system, allowing for operational efficiency and cost optimization for oilfield rental and services companies. RigER allows oilfield executives to manage work at all stages of value generation: quote and rental agreement, job scheduling, rental fleet management, oilfield calendar monitoring, field tickets, delivery tickets, asset tracking, management reports, analytics and more.
By bringing next-generation technology to oilfield services, RigER helps to transform one of the world’s most essential industries through process optimization, automation, paperless document processes, digitalization of operations, and remote work. Energy companies rely on RigER as a trusted digital oilfield solution and partner in all steps in every job cycle – from mobile field tickets to management dashboards.
Still thinking if RigER is right for you? Let’s review some key points.
RigER: 5 Benefits for Fast-growing Oilfield Service and Rental Companies
1. RigER: all-in-one operations management system
Operational data is often spread far and wide across an organization in various applications and spreadsheets, making it harder for the team to track down whatever it is they need. This also usually results in duplicate data, conflicting numbers, and inconsistent formats. And it only gets worst while your company is growing, and the patchwork of disparate apps and systems becomes unmanageable.
RigER offers a unified and centralized system, helps streamline processes and improve data visibility across all departments: Purchases, Sales, Finance, Manufacturing, Equipment Rentals and Oilfield Services. It replaces time-consuming manual (or multi-app) tracking of operations and frees more time for data analyzing, and decision making.
2. RigER: a comprehensive and customizable system
RigER’s very flexible circuit is designed to save money by saving time on field paperwork approval and processing and correct billing and ensures same-day invoicing. It goes from CRM and field tickets features to rental equipment management, in-shop or in-field repairs, preventive maintenance, operational finances, and more. The cloud platform displays all these data in clear and customizable dashboards to give you real-time business insights: from assets availability and utilization to revenue and client analyses.
RigER is extremely configurable and customizable, it can be tailored to the unique business processes of the client company thanks to industry-specific modules. You can also choose different user types giving them role-based access permissions and tasks. It connects back office and field crew through mobile apps enabling the exchange of information about jobs, prices, equipment and more, all in one system, in real time.
3. RigER: an open and interconnected operations management solution
From early days of RigER we ensured that our system was designed to be able to integrate with a diverse array of specialty applications that our clients use on a daily basis to accomplish their tasks.
In support of this commitment, we have developed a series of integrations, including integrations with Accounting software (QuickBooks, Sage), MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook), Enterprise Resource Planning (MS Business Central), Google (Maps, Email), e-document Management (DocuSign, PandaDoc), e-billing (Open Invoice, Cortex), Tax Compliance (Avalara), Business Analytics (MS Power BI), Messaging app (Telegram) and more.
The ability of RigER to integrate with any software is virtually unlimited and supported by custom API. New integrations that are in the works include Safety, HR, Geolocation, and Instrumentation Telemetry.
4. Scalable Operations Management
The beauty of RigER is that you can use the functionality you need now while leaving the door open to add more capabilities down the road. In that sense, the system can scale with your business as it grows and evolves.
RigER adapts to the company growing horizontally (by simply adding more users to the subscription) and vertically (adding modules for new operations to the system). The platform design aims at suppressing any limitations on your business growth.
What about RigER’s pricing? It’s scalable too. License cost depends on the size of your team, which modules and integrations you’ll use, and the length of your contract. We will create your subscription package based on your needs. This approach reduces operating cost and helps companies to grow at their own level of comfort.
If your business has rapid growth plans, a cloud system, like RigER is the best fit to help you scale up. Since cloud systems run on distributed servers, it’s a cinch to add the extra resources needed to keep the solution running smoothly — far easier than handling that yourself. That reduces the work put on IT and can eliminate the need to hire a team of technical experts.
5. Real-time visibility on your business data as you expand
Everyone having visibility into various aspects of the business is a powerful thing. It enables faster and better decisions because managers have all relevant context that can assist them.  Visibility into the status of processes and data managed by other teams ultimately helps all teams and individual contributors do their jobs better. It also eliminates the time and effort spent trying to simply find the needed information.
With its KPIs, reports, and dashboards, RigER gives you a comprehensive picture of your business in real-time. With RigER you can get a report on availability and location of every piece of equipment by 7 am every morning right into your inbox. Or, you can see your revenue with a breakdown by customer, period, or a particular piece of equipment and its utilization rate by the end of every working day.
There are over 100 reports in RigER most of which are available in the default configuration. These reports are categorized and presented to the user in different sections, such as reports for “Rental Units”, “Inventory”, “Revenue”, “Tech Skills and Qualifications”, “List of Documents”, etc.
Choose Right, Call Us Now
Are you ready to change and switch to RigER? What is holding you up? Perhaps the idea of setting up a new system makes you anxious. RigER software comes with various types of training programs and learning materials, which provide guidance on how to start from simple things and move up the ladder to master the most difficult workflows.
And don’t forget: in the long run, your company cannot thrive if you haven’t anticipated its expansion. The earlier you implement RigER, the more time you will dedicate to business growth and consolidation without wasting time on administrative issues. If after reading these tips, you realize you have other needs and criteria to consider before making the decision, that is totally valid. Need more advice? You can contact us via website, email or phone. Good luck!

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