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By Daria Maksymiak January 11, 2024

The Digital Transformation Journey of a Specialty Engineering Company

In the expansive realm of the oilfields, efficiency reigns supreme. Every operation, from equipment management to client invoicing, must be finely tuned to ensure the seamless flow of operations. However, for many oilfield service and rental companies operating across multiple locations, achieving this level of efficiency can be a formidable challenge. At RigER, we have seen these challenges upclose. In this article, we’ll showcase the digital transformation of an engineering and environmental service company with RigER, and talk about the results we achieved.
Challenges Addressed
Our customer faced a myriad of challenges before embracing RigER’s digital solutions. The management of shared equipment across multiple locations proved to be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Inconsistent pricing and proposal practices hindered the company’s ability to deliver efficient services to its clients. Furthermore, the reliance on paper-based field tickets and physical documents resulted in errors and sluggish processing, impeding operational efficiency.
RigER’s Implementation
Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution to streamline operations, this Texas-based specialty engineering company turned to RigER for assistance. This marked the commencement of a transformative journey towards heightened efficiency and productivity. RigER’s robust features empowered the company’s management to conduct proposal reviews, generate field tickets, monitor equipment availability and specifications, and ensure compliance with safety protocols and personnel training requirements. Simultaneously, the company’s operations staff utilized RigER to streamline quoting jobs, track equipment utilization, monitor billable man-hours, and accelerate invoicing procedures.
Results Achieved
The adoption of RigER yielded remarkable results for our customer, revolutionizing its operational landscape. RigER facilitated swift data processing from the field to the central office, ensuring that all critical information reached the central hub within 24 hours. By consolidating data from disparate locations into a unified cloud-based platform, RigER enhanced visibility and simplified dispatching processes for the company. RigER’s implementation led to a notable 87% reduction in document errors, bolstering overall accuracy and operational efficiency. Moreover, RigER’s seamless integration with QuickBooks facilitated streamlined invoicing processes, further enhancing financial operations.
Reflecting on RigER’s impact, the company’s CFO lauded the convenience of having all essential features available within a unified workspace. RigER’s integration of proposal reviews, pricing controls, equipment usage tracking, and expedited invoicing significantly enhanced operational efficiency for the company. Similarly, the company’s Territory Manager commended RigER’s quoting and job-tracking features, underscoring the creation of a comprehensive project database for easy reference.
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