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By Daria Maksymiak April 23, 2021

Spreadsheets for Oilfield Service Tracking! Really?

True or False: Spreadsheets make for a great operations management system? It depends … Up to a certain point spreadsheets serve the purpose of handling data, but once the data size and demand for additional users increases, it no longer does the trick. Try to manage several customer orders between existing jobs, rental equipment, available crews, and consumables with a single spreadsheet and you will quickly see a need for a more robust solution.
Spreadsheet Cons:
  • Prone to human error
  • A spreadsheet is a static record keeper that does NOT allow for dynamic tracking of inventory, equipment, or real-time approvals
  • As your data set grows, your computers grind to a halt
  • Lack of user rights and built-in controls
  • Single-user mode
  • Weak data validation
  • Duplicate entries
  • No audit trails
If you’re tired of reworking ticket errors, texting the warehouse for inventory updates, delaying invoice dates, and chasing technicians’ voicemail boxes then this message is for you. Spreadsheets are not databases – stop using them like one.
RigER enables information flow between multiple departments, so you can act on the fly and minimize errors due to incorrect spreadsheet entry and handling. The multi-user environment allows for better communication, adds transparency, and creates an audit trail to improve data integrity. Don’t let the spreadsheets impede your workflow. Grow with RigER to manage your rental and services jobs from quote to invoice.
With RigER, your team can:
  • Facilitate information flow between the Sales, Operations, Dispatchers, Field Ops, HR and Accounting departments
  • Manage your operations decisions in real-time
  • Navigate the system without the worry about data corruption or sabotage
  • Assign user rights to enable data controls
  • Create a multi-user environment with the ability to simultaneously edit the information
  • Introduce ‘checks and balances’ via an approval process
  • Integrate with QuickBooks, OpenInvoice, and other software
System-based approach empowers teams and helps build better relationships while running operations on spreadsheets is known to cause anxiety and distrust. Don’t be a slave to the spreadsheet – choose the system and benefit from the combination of interconnected cloud services, mobile applications, and integrations with different business software packages. RigER is here to help – Book your demo today!

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