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By Daria Maksymiak September 6, 2023

Solving Rental Inventory Tracking with RigER

In the high-stakes realm of oilfield operations, the efficient dispatching of equipment is nothing short of mission-critical. Each moment wasted can translate into substantial losses and project setbacks. This is where RigER’s cutting-edge rental inventory software steps in as a game-changer, revolutionizing equipment dispatching and paving the way for enhanced resource allocation, smoother workflows, and optimal project execution.
The Challenge of Equipment Dispatching in the Oilfield Industry
Equipment dispatching in the oilfield industry is akin to orchestrating a complex symphony of assets, personnel, and tasks. It requires precision, real-time information, and seamless coordination to ensure that every project runs seamlessly. The following are common challenges faced by oilfield companies in this regard:
1. Equipment Availability
With a diverse fleet of equipment, ranging from heavy machinery to specialized tools, managing availability is a constant challenge. Delays caused by equipment unavailability can have a cascading effect on project timelines and profitability.
2. Technician Assignment
Matching the right technician or crew to a job is a crucial aspect of efficient equipment dispatching. Assigning personnel with the appropriate skills and experience can significantly impact job efficiency and overall client satisfaction.
3. Recurring Services and Tasks
Oilfield operations often involve recurring services and tasks, such as routine maintenance and inspections. Effectively scheduling and dispatching these tasks is paramount to prevent equipment downtime and ensure adherence to safety regulations.
Rental Inventory Tracking: The Key to Streamlined Dispatching
RigER: Redefining Equipment Dispatching
RigER’s rental inventory management software introduces an innovative solution for optimizing equipment dispatching in the oilfield industry. At the heart of this solution is the Digital Dispatch & Schedule feature, which transforms how companies manage their equipment and personnel.
1. Real-Time Equipment Availability
RigER’s rental inventory tracking capability offers real-time visibility into equipment availability. Project managers can instantaneously assess equipment status, reducing scheduling conflicts and ensuring that assets are dispatched promptly to meet project demands.
2. Technician Assignment Efficiency
Efficient technician assignment is a core element of successful dispatching. RigER’s Digital Dispatch software facilitates precise personnel matching by aligning technicians’ skills and experience with job requirements. This ensures that the right individuals are assigned to the right tasks every time.
3. Streamlined Recurring Services and Tasks
Managing recurring services and tasks becomes effortless with RigER’s software. It allows companies to schedule these activities for automatic dispatch, eliminating manual intervention and ensuring that critical maintenance and inspections are consistently performed.
4. Bonus Features for Field Efficiency
RigER goes beyond conventional solutions to enhance field efficiency further. Field personnel can collect electronic signatures from clients directly on-site, expediting the approval process. Furthermore, work orders can be generated seamlessly from mobile devices, eliminating paperwork and reducing the margin for error.
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