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RigER Presents Oilfield Service Management Solution for Small Business

By Daria Maksymiak February 24, 2021
For Immediate Release

Houston-based Tech Company Presents Oilfield Service Management Solution for Small Business

Leader in Digital Transformation for Oilfield Service and Equipment Rentals Enhances Product Portfolio with Specialized Solution for Small Business
February 24, 2021 9AM CST
HOUSTON – RigER, a leading provider of Oilfield Service and equipment rental software, today announced the release of a new product – RigER: Start. Designed specifically for small OFS/OFR businesses, RigER: Start comes with all essential functions that an Operations Management Software (OMS) must have, and on top of that it boasts a few unique characteristics of its own: simplified setup and configuration process, standardized quote to invoice workflow, and a low risk/high benefit advantage of the package licensing option.
“We founded RigER with a mission to help small businesses and the people behind them be successful,” said Michael Maltsev, CEO of RigER Inc. “RigER: Start, our new product will give small businesses in the Energy Service and Equipment Rental sector an opportunity to set out on a journey towards a highly efficient operations management faster.”
“For a small business owner, it is very important to hit the ground running as soon as possible, thus lengthy and often costly software implementations that larger organizations usually go through, are out of the question. They want to have something they can download, setup, figure out themselves and start using it to their own benefit. At the same time, the software must be very simple and cost effective” said Blair Kenley, RigER Director of Operations.
“When we reviewed the latest major release – RigER 8.0 Odessa – we realized that over the years of development and enhancements the entire configuration has grown and now has 22 modules with more than 200 features, multiple add-ons and integrations. It has become a comprehensive solution for OFS/OFR companies. However, we understood that while this kind of feature-rich setup is a requirement for many large organizations it is usually not the same when it comes to small businesses, who would much rather prefer having an easy-to-setup and use tool” said Nikolai Korniyuk, VP of Marketing and Business Development. “This is how the original idea of creating a product for small businesses, which we already were discussing for some time, was put in motion. We took the core parts from RigER and converted them to an elegant solution for small businesses, RigER: Start.
The RigER: Start configuration includes:
  • Purchases – Purchase Orders, Bills of Lading, Purchase Invoices, Assets/Rental Fleet
  • Inventory Management – Inventory and Parts, Rental Fleet Operations
  • Sales – Price Management, Quotes and Bids Generations, Approvals
  • Field Operations –Dispatching, Rental and Field Tickets, Mobile Apps
  • Invoices – Rental and Service Invoices, Invoice Auto-Generation, Sales Tax Settings, and more.
And of course, RigER: Start will include management reports and dashboards to provide insight into the operational KPIs, e.g., Equipment Utilization, Job Cost Analysis, Client Performance, and more.”
“We believe that RigER: Start will help small businesses become more efficient and proactive in managing their Oilfield Service and Rental operations.”
Find out more at riger® 
Media Contact:
Nikolai Korniyuk
VP of Marketing and Business
digital.oilfield (at)
RigER is a Leading Digital Oilfield Platform Provider for Energy Service and Equipment Rentals. Founded in in 2012, RigER is dedicated to the oilfield industry helping the men and women who give energy to our world.
With innovative, cross-platform software thin-clients, enabling access to your cloud-based database from your PCs and Macs and a set of multiple mobile apps natively speaking the same language as your RigER software, we cover all the bases and make it easy for energy service professionals to streamline communication, optimize utilization, and remotely manage oilfield service and equipment rentals. By bringing next generation technology to one of the world’s most important industries, we help our customers improve their lives, their bottom lines, and their businesses.
Over the years RigER has proven to be a great and reliable choice for companies who operate in Energy Service and Equipment Rental industry sectors. Multiple awards, such as the “Finalist of Consultancy of the Year” from Oil & Gas AWARDS in 2019, “Best Oilfield Equipment Rental Cloud-Based SaaS Solution” from New World report in 2020, and others are a solid proof of that fact.
RigER – Digital Oilfield is Our Mission!
Book your demo today to see RigER: Start in action!

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