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By Daria Maksymiak June 28, 2021

“No Internet in the Field”? – No Problem.

Imagine everyone on your oilfield services team can work anytime, anywhere – sharing operational information efficiently not only when they are online and but also when they work in remote offline locations. From dispatching jobs, renting out equipment to performing inspections and maintenance, you have everyone’s tickets and field forms in place on-time, signed and secure. No more lost, damaged or inaccurate paper tickets, frustrated staff, rejected invoices and delayed payments.
The nature of the oilfield services work is such that you have to go to places and deliver services and equipment where there’s limited convenience of being always connected to the Internet. It might be ok if it only limits one’s ability to enjoy video streaming services, however if you can’t share critical operational data (field tickets, inspections, repairs, maintenance, etc.) between field crews and office, you are at risk of not having all data to make decisions. That is why the most effective operations management software should be capable to work both online and offline.
RigER is designed to solve the online-offline challenge. Using configurable RigER mobile apps, field technicians can record job details (Labor, Equipment & Materials), perform inspections, attach images and collect client approvals digitally, as well as receive updates about jobs while they are on the go. In case of no Internet or cellular connection, field technicians simply enter needed data into RigER mobile app in the offline mode and then when Internet is available the updates are synchronized with the main RigER Cloud platform making the data available to everyone in the company for follow up actions.
Like what you see? Here are just a few perks of having Offline Field Tickets:
  • Have complete visibility into every aspect of the operations through one integrated cloud-mobile system that works online and offline
  • Eliminate unnecessary travel time and fuel waste hauling paper tickets to sign by Companyman
  • Speed up field ticket processing time and invoice your clients the same day
  • Collect field data and store it on device, updating database later (offline mode)
  • Compatible with Apple iOS, Android, and Windows

RigER: Field Service Mobile App

RigER Oilfield Service Mobile App is a suite of apps for iOS and Android that extends the use of RigER enabling access to the cloud database from smartphone or tablet. Each app is designed for specific function (Sales, Purchasing, Field Tickets, etc.) allowing every team member to input data and share it with the rest of the organization in real time.

Make your switch to Digital Field Tickets

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