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By Daria Maksymiak January 20, 2023

RigER Becomes an ARA Member

The American Rental Association (ARA) is dedicated to the success of equipment and event rental operations, their owners, and the manufacturers and suppliers of rental equipment. Their mission is to provide their members with the tools and resources they need to continue advancing the future of the rental industry. Through the collective efforts, ARA seeks to ensure the industry is better positioned for long-term growth.
Our membership with ARA is a powerful way to gain access to a large network of rental professionals in USA and beyond. It allows to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our peers in numerous ways, making it a valuable resource.
ARA and its members are becoming the go-to source for rental solutions for equipment, leveraging technology and analytics to provide innovative and secure solutions for customers. By doing so, we are shaping the future of rental services.
ARA Strategic Initiatives
  • Market Intelligence: ARA is the leader in providing market intelligence to equipment and event rental operators.
  • Education: ARA is utilized as the primary source for education and training in the equipment and event rental industry.
  • Consumer Awareness: Consumers think rental first.
  • Industry Workforce: The equipment and event rental industry has a qualified and sustainable workforce.
  • Technology: Members are effectively utilizing technology to increase operational performance.
The employees of our association strive to help the rental community daily. Through the production of instructional materials, lobbying the government, risk management, and other means, they are devoted to keeping the association members up-to-date with whatever lies ahead and prepared for the changes of the future.
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