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By Daria Maksymiak October 19, 2021

New Innovations in Digital Field Ticketing and Asset Management

Houston, TX, October 19, 2021 – RigER Inc. is proud to present the latest advancements of its mobile field ticketing and asset management solution – RigER – during the Permian Basin International Oil Show (PBIOS), Oct 19-21 in Odessa, TX. RigER is set to transform the Oilfield Service industry by transforming oilfield rental and service operations – from field tickets to invoicing – into to a scalable digital enterprise at a cost that meets a mid-size company budget.
“RigER is very innovative and dynamic product, always keeping up with new ideas. They are listening to their customers and are willing to make changes that will continue to support our growth.” COO, Energy Service Company
“Our team is passionate about making our clients’ lives easier. RigER 9.0 Greeley is our best release yet. With Improved dashboards, integrations, and our updated CRM and Maintenance Modules, RigER will greatly improve your top and bottom line,” said Michael Maltsev, President of RigER Inc.
RigER 9.0 Greely
The updated version of RigER sports additional capabilities to connect office, shops, yards, and field crews – accommodating the needs of any oilfield service and rentals business that needs to keep track of equipment and resources in the most efficient manner, using mobile and cloud technology.
Latest additions to RigER Suite:
  • A secure Customer Web portal where oilfield service companies can share information about jobs, e.g. ticket, location, equipment, etc. directly with E&Ps.
  • In addition to barcode, RigER users can now use QR code to speed up check-in/out equipment, run inventory control, and access full equipment history. The QR code will eliminate manual data entry, making dispatch faster and error-free.
  • RigER 9.0 Greeley also includes new configurations designed specifically for Trucking and Water Hauling operations.
  • Direct integration with OpenInvoice; added Project Management dashboard; improved Job Calendar; Rental Unit Dashboard; Truck Dashboard, and more.
Empowering Oilfield Community
These updates to RigER’s cloud and mobile solutions give users a competitive advantage by making job data available to users regardless of where they are – at the office or in the field. With almost unlimited customization possibilities, RigER can be tuned to the specific processes of each client or company. And with fast implementation companies can run the new system and start get all the benefits in just a couple of months.
Mobile Oilfield
Digital service platforms are actively replacing disparate and stand-alone tools still used by many oilfield service providers. Functions across the company need to be connected and available wherever and whenever the work is being done – and that means mobile solutions are the new essential business tool of the modern oilfield service company.
RigER Mobile Apps work to enable equipment-centric field service companies and their field workers, supervisors, and office staff to get work done faster and more easily, eliminating errors, delays, and complications associated with traditional processes of paper, spreadsheets, and email.
Big Volume Data for Mid-to-Large Sized Oilfield Companies
The world has opened to the advantages of big data, and the oilfield industry can’t afford to fall behind. RigER 9.0 Greeley gives companies the opportunity to collect and draw insights from their operational data through built-in data analytics.
RigER 9.0 Greeley integrates with standard accounting software applications (Quickbooks, Sage. MS Business Central, etc.), e-billing (Open Invoice, Cortex); e-signature (DocuSign, PandaDoc); maps (Google or Apple); Office Suites (MS office), and more. New integrations are always in the works. RigER allows users to integrate vendors, companies, and clients to exchange technical and financial information alike.
About the Company:
RigER is an Oilfield Operations Management software created for Energy Service and Equipment Rental companies.
Since 2012, RigER has been helping oilfield workers bring energy to our world.
As an innovative cloud-to-mobile solutions provider, RigER improves operations by converting traditional paper- and whiteboard-based information management processes into a user-friendly digital system, allowing for operational efficiency and cost optimization in Oilfield Rental and Services companies.
By bringing next-generation technology to oilfield services, RigER hopes to revolutionize one of the world’s most important industries through process optimization, automation, paperless document processes, digitalization of operations, and remote work.
RigER software makes oilfield service and rentals simple to manage from the first client call to the final invoice, including quote and rental agreement, job scheduling, rental fleet management, oilfield calendar monitoring, field tickets, delivery tickets, asset tracking, management reports, analytics and more.
Nikolai Korniyuk
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Empowering Oilfield Community


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