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By Daria Maksymiak July 12, 2021

Mobile Field Service Management, Digital Signatures at RigER 8.5!

RigER Inc. presents a new version of its Oilfield Operations Management Software for Energy Service and Equipment Rentals Companies
Fort Worth, TX – July 12, 2021 – RigER Inc. is presenting the newest version– RigER 8.5 Fort Worth during DUG Permian Basin & Eagle Ford Conference & Exhibition at Fort Worth, Texas.
RigER gives field service managers full control of operations in oilfield rentals and service companies – from the first client call to the final invoice.
Go Mobile. Enable your team to work anywhere, anytime – even offline. From sales quotes to field operations and even Purchasing Requests, RigER has a mobile app to fit your team and budget.
Go Digital. Get work done more easily by eliminating the errors and delays related to paper and spreadsheet-based field tickets, timesheets, and safety documents.
Go RigER. RigER is an award-winning platform that has enabled oilfield service companies across America to grow while reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency.
What’s New in RigER 8.5 Fort Worth
These past months RigER Inc. Team focused on user experience, making hundreds of improvements to help their customers become even more efficient. See what they added to RigER to help oilfield services companies transform their businesses and address the challenges facing the industry.
“We are very pleased to introduce RigER 8.5 Ford Worth,” says Michael Maltsev, President of RigER. “Our team is constantly working to add new features and functions to RigER. We have spent 6 months to prepare this product update. This new release focuses on Filed Service Management, Business Analytics of oilfield service and rentals operations. We have invested our time and energy to make the Service Revenue and Rental Fleet Utilization visual and service manager has better control and can easily change the job or equipment schedule,” summarized Maltsev.
“Our experience with RigER has been great. After getting past the initial learning curve, it has been an invaluable tool for us by providing access to real-time data across our rental operations and ensuring our workflow processes are adhered to.” – Avinash Cuddapah, Managing Partner of Downhole Well Solutions, Houston-based Oilfield Service Company.
The newly released integration of RigER 8.5 Fort Worth and PandaDoc will ensure smooth document flow and approval between oilfield service companies and their customers. “This is another step to take us closer to the paperless oilfield – our ultimate goal”, said Nikolay Korniyuk, VP of Marketing and Business Development of RigER.
The RigER 8.5 Fort Worth release includes over dozen new features that are now available to oilfield service and rentals companies.
New RigER features include:
  • Mobile Oilfield: Offline Field Note gives users an ability to enter new tickets right at the filed.
  • KPIs Dashboard: Sales, Operation and Financial goals and actuals presents at KPI Dashboard.
  • New Revenue Dashboard is showing Revenue by Periods, Clients, Rental Units.
  • Utilization Dashboard presents Equipment Utilization Rate, Unit ROI, Total Cost of Ownership, Average Rental Revenue per Day, etc.
  • PandaDoc Integration is sending documents to faster and secure tool for Digital Signatures and Approvals.
  • Telegram Integration provides on demand Reporting and Internal Documents Approval through secure Telegram chat bot.
  • Home Page Improvements includes HR, Safety, Purchases Dashboards.
  • Updated User Interfaces for Rental Unit Card, Unit Number Card, Client Card, Vendor Card, Totals in Journals.
  • Enhanced Month End Procedure.
  • Safety Checklists with Digital Signatures.
  • Updates for Oilfield Job Dashboard and Location History Dashboard.
  • Improved Users Notification Tools.
  • The other updates of the following modules: PO Approvals, HR, Sales, Oilfield CRM, Equipment Repairs, etc.
  • 20+ new reports including: PO Control, Average Rental Fee per Client, Repair Cards List, Sales Tax, Wells in Location, Running Hours Between Unit Maintenance, Parts Prices, and Others.
“Finding a software platform that eliminates the need for interdepartmental spreadsheet trackers, and duplicate entry between applications, is the biggest challenge. Having selected RigER because it’s designed for the oil and gas rental and services business, it was the right fit in terms of the data we needed to manage and the pre-programmed workflow. Katch Kan was able to cut implementation time down significantly compared to the configuration required with similar software and we were able to start entering Rental tickets in RigER out of the box within weeks of being installed.” – Ryan Low, IT Project Manager, Katch Kan.
“We continue to improve our product. Now you can upload unlimited number of files to each document. It could be support scanned documents, drafts, emails, copies, photos, video, etc. All these documents will be securely stored in RigER database and can be signed electronically via PandaDoc. Microsoft Outlook Email integration now works easy and faster. There are other minor improvements as well,” summarized Nikolay Korniyuk, VP of Marketing and Business Development of RigER.
See full demonstration of RigER 8.5 Fort Worth at the DUG Permian Basin & Eagle Ford Conference & Exhibition, Booth #427 at Fort Worth Convention Center on July 12-14.
“RigER 8.5 Fort Worth is our next step to paperless oilfield. All our US customers will receive this free update in July,” added Maltsev.
About the Company:
RigER Inc. develops, customizes, and implements specialty Oil and Gas operations management software for equipment rentals and service companies.
Users of RigER have their business processes and document flow implemented in an easy-to-use mobile-to-office enabled digital system that allows them to manage work at all stages of value generation: quote and rental agreement, job scheduling, rental fleet management, oilfield calendar monitoring, field tickets, delivery tickets, asset tracking, management reports, analytics and more.
With industry-specific configurations designed for Light Towers, Generators, Pumps, Frac and Flowback, Downhole Tools and other rental equipment, RigER is a great fit for OFR/OFS companies that focus on operational excellence and scalable growth at every step of the way – from Sales to Operations (including Equipment Maintenance, Repairs, Inspections) to Accounting and Finance and more.
Nikolai Korniyuk
nikolai.korniyuk (at)

See What We Added to RigER 8.5:

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