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By Daria Maksymiak April 12, 2023

Oilfield & Operations Management Software: Implementation Challenges

The oilfield is enormous. The scale at which it operates is difficult to fathom. Everything in the oilfield is enormous, right from the equipment to the tasks carried out. Implementing an operations management software in such an environment is not an easy feat. There are several challenges right during the implementation phase. They range from technical issues to employee resistance to change, and can require significant investments of time and resources to overcome. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key challenges that need to be tackled when implementing an oilfield operations management software.
Integration with Existing Infrastructure
One of the fundamental challenges that oilfield service companies face while implementing operations management software is the integration of the new software with existing systems. Oilfield service companies often have a variety of software tools and systems in place to manage their operations, including accounting, inventory management, and field service management. In fact, most oilfields have several legacy systems in place that may be difficult to integrate with a new software. This can lead to data silos and difficulties in synchronizing data across platforms. It is crucial to identify and address these integration issues early on in the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.
To overcome this challenge, oilfield service companies may need to invest in custom development and integration services to ensure that the new software is fully integrated with existing systems. This may involve working with a software development partner who can help design and implement custom integrations, or leveraging existing APIs and other integration tools to connect the new software with existing systems.
Resistance to Change
Employee resistance to change is another challenge that oilfield service companies may face when implementing operations management software. Introducing software into an environment where people have solely depended on paper tickets, printouts and more can disrupt existing workflows and processes, and some employees may be resistant to change. It can take time and effort to get buy-in from all stakeholders and ensure everyone is on board with the new system.
To overcome this challenge, oilfield service companies may need to invest in training programs to ensure all employees are comfortable with the new system. This may involve providing training resources such as online tutorials, training videos, and documentation, as well as providing hands-on training sessions to help employees become familiar with the new software. It may also involve working with change management experts who can help address employee concerns and ensure that everyone is on board with the new system.
Associated Cost
Cost is another challenge faced by oilfield service companies when implementing operations management software. Implementing new software can be expensive, and oilfield service companies may need to budget for the cost of purchasing, implementing, and maintaining the software over time. A big trend seen across the industry is the deployment of different softwares for different functions. So there is one inventory management software, another invoicing software, another sales software, so on and so forth.
To overcome this challenge, oilfield service companies may need to explore options for oilfield operations management software that offer all the functions under one umbrella. Clubbing different features in a single pricing model will help reduce cost while streamlining all the processes.
If you’re looking for such a software, you might want to consider RigER: An all-in-one oilfield software that allows service and rental companies to manage all their operations right from their laptop/mobile devices. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems at the companies, and are able to develop custom integrations as well. And with its personalized approach to implementation, RigER helps tremendously to onboard not only the top management but the teams across different departments too. Learn more about RigER’s operations management software.

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