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By Daria Maksymiak June 18, 2021

Michael Maltsev on the Energy ScaleUps Podcast

What is the right amount of Co-Founders?
Well, find out from RigER: Oilfield Operations Management Suite Founder Michael Maltsev, as he shares his experience on the #Energy #Scaleups #Podcast.
Michael Maltsev is a serial entrepreneur, guest speaker, author, and business consultant. He is a founder of RigER, an Oilfield Operations Management Suite, leading oil and gas software solution for Energy Service and Equipment Rentals.
Outside the oilfield, John is devoted to family and service around the world. As the Director of Ambassadors to the BCM Family Foundation, John works with cutting edge biotech and researchers to develop a cure for a type of blindness through gene therapy. Additionally, John and wife Leah lead teams to Nicaragua twice a year where they empower vulnerable women to rise from poverty through developing a sewing business. John priorities investing in the next generation of entrepreneur through leading internships and speaking at university MBA programs.
He has expertise in software development and implementation including accounting, financial and operational management systems for variety of industries: oil and gas, transportation, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and professional services.
Maltsev began his professional career in accounting and finance in 1993, moved to professional consulting in 2005 and has leaded 200+ software implementation projects since. He holds a Master of Finance (2000) of Grodno State University and MBA (2005) form University of Buffalo School of Management. Michael moved to Canada in 2009 from Belarus, where he run his own software business. He restarted his professional carrier in Calgary as CFO of Rigstar Communications Inc., leading Oil and Gas telecom provider in Western Canada.
Michael found that equipment rental business required effective solution to manage oilfield operations and decided to bring new product to the market. He had a vision of paperless enterprise and mission to bring affordable digital solutions to small and mid-size oilfield companies.

RigER Oilfield Operations Management

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