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By Daria Maksymiak May 26, 2021

Michael Maltsev on Digital Oil and Gas Podcast

Digital Oil and Gas podcast is a weekly podcast of ideas and insights into how digital innovation will impact the global oil and gas sector.
This episode is a chat with Micahel Maltsev, the president of RigER. RigER is an Oilfield Operations Management software for energy service and equipment rental companies. They discussed the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry in general and what role does Operations Management play in it. They talked about the benefits it provides, and how digital has leveraged this novel business model.
Oilfield Operations Management (OOM) is the art and science of setting policies and rules necessary to maintain operational efficiency and ensuring that resources and assets follow those rules.  It involves continuous analysis and improvement of scheduling and dispatching of the field jobs, field technicians’ time tracking, inventory management, quality control, equipment maintenance, and staffing. The ultimate goal is to achieve strategic objectives in safety, cost reduction, product innovation, sustainability, quality, and regulatory compliance.

RigER Oilfield Operations Management

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