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Meet the latest release – RigER 11.0 New Orleans
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Meet riger® 7.5 phoenix

By Daria Maksymiak April 9, 2020

New Oil and Gas Software Products

The riger® presents a new version of the Digital Oilfield Platform for Energy Service and Equipment Rentals Companies that boosts Oilfield Operations Management. This new release has an updated line-up of modules, features and data display tools designed to maximize the use and benefit of the software created for Oilfield Service and Rentals.
  • riger® Downhole Tools. This product allows to manage purchases, assemblies, sales with the following special features: client tool request, order management dashboard, assembly & disassembly dashboards, repairs & rework dashboards, evaluation recap, C&D hours tracking, 3rd party inspections, and more.
  • Generators & Light Towers (surface equipment). This product is built to track surface equipment, most of common of which are generators, light towers, man-lifts, portable toilets and other surface assets used in OFS/OFR. Special features include: reservation, backups, utilization reports, activity log dashboard, fleet status dashboard, inspections, repairs and quality control, equipment rentals, utilization by date, rate by date, rate by unique attribute and more.
  • riger® Frac & Flowback Equipment. This product is designed to track fracking equipment, well testing services, pressure control and flowback equipment. For better performance it includes following special features: purchase sheets, load sheets, return sheets, repair & rework dashboards, and unique rental units attributes.
New Modules:
  • Reservation and Backup module. This module gives an ability to reserve items beforehand for a certain job as well as to assign backup counterparts for items already in the field. That assures uninterrupted service in case something goes wrong.
  • Job Costing module enables operational analysis of a job profitability that tracks all direct costs such as Labor, Material, and other expenses associated with the given job. With the Job Costing Reports and Dashboards you can visually analyze Job Profitability and Gross Margin on a set period of time and quickly improve your operations where they need to be improved in order to boost your Profits.
  • Service Call module. This module allows to track all requests received from customers, all tasks assigned to employees, and to notify clients about open calls in one integrated system. Having all customer details in the database gives the ability to create a new service call in seconds on a mobile device and send it for execution to the next responsible person. The module enables tracking service calls through a dashboard and setting up automatic morning reports on open calls to be sent by email.
New Dashboards
  • Repair dashboard. Displays information about all the items that are pending repair, and allows to perform repair operations directly from within (e.g. set priority for repairs, set it as billable, check if the repair has already been performed, check if repair is a rework, etc.)
  • Activity Log dashboard. Represents information about individual assets with different statuses in different locations at a certain period in time, broken down and sortable by department/service managers/statuses etc.
  • RSA Kanban dashboard. Helps seeing different stages of jobs and quotes.
There are a lot of other additions and enhancements in this new version, e.g. Payroll Integration with QuickBooks, Out-of-Fleet and Construction-in-Progress Statuses, Pre-Delivery Inspections, and more. Book your free demo to learn all capabilities of the software.

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