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By Daria Maksymiak June 14, 2021

John Mark Cavitt on Oil and Gas Onshore Podcast

Gene Therapy, Singing and Oilfield Culture with John Mark Cavitt – CEO at RigER Inc., Culture Champion, BCM Gene Therapy Champion, Father of 5 and Husband
In this episode, Justin sits down with John Mark Cavitt to discuss his passion for BCM Therapy and why he believes that culture will drive the success of many oilfield companies moving forward.
They discussed digital transformation for Oilfield Service Companies and how RigER can help develop their vision and manage the business.
John is an experienced chief executive with a demonstrated history in greenfield startups, operations management, capital discipline, strategic M&A and high performance cultures. Decades of entrepreneurial experience in a variety of service industries have left a track record of unparalleled success in building companies that impact their surrounding communities. His drive is rooted in the ability to provide life-giving, empowering jobs for people. A sought-after speaker, experienced negotiator and discerning investor, John continuously works to pave new ways in the energy sector through engineered innovation and technologically driven solutions.
Outside the oilfield, John is devoted to family and service around the world. As the Director of Ambassadors to the BCM Family Foundation, John works with cutting edge biotech and researchers to develop a cure for a type of blindness through gene therapy. Additionally, John and wife Leah lead teams to Nicaragua twice a year where they empower vulnerable women to rise from poverty through developing a sewing business. John priorities investing in the next generation of entrepreneur through leading internships and speaking at university MBA programs.

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