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By Michael Maltsev March 7, 2024

How we select our clients

We’ve had the privilege of partnering with some truly remarkable clients. Our selection process, far from being a game of chance, is a key element in fostering fruitful collaborations.
In today’s dynamic business environment, it’s vital to align ourselves with the right individuals and rapidly expanding companies. We aim to form alliances with industry frontrunners, channeling their expertise and ingenuity to deliver top-tier solutions to our clients through the digitalization of the oilfield. This approach lies at the heart of our mission and our commitment to excellence.
We choose our clients through a systematic process. This includes evaluating potential clients based on various factors like their previous achievements, team size, and how they manage operations.
During our evaluation, we look at the scope and nature of the challenges organizations grapple with, their readiness to tackle these issues, and their operational efficiency. We also consider financial aspects to ensure the project’s size, scope, and needs align with the client’s budget.
A determining factor in our selection process is the client’s grasp and value they put on technology. We gauge this by examining their website and discussing the types of internal systems they employ. Their familiarity and experience with various software systems is also key, as it paints a clear picture of their capabilities and needs. Past experiences, even those that didn’t go as planned, offer valuable lessons to shape project expectations and guide us towards a more successful execution.
The pivotal role of project champions in our business is clear. Our clients require subject matter experts in areas such as sales, operations, and finance with unique blend of skills and knowledge to lead the RigER Implementation and further business transformation. While technical expertise and industry acumen are valuable, we also highly regard the ability to think creatively in problem-solving, to adapt swiftly to evolving circumstances, and to contribute significantly to the success of all our projects.
The engagement and support of the client’s management team are crucial for the project’s success. Their participation provides indispensable guidance and decision-making that steer the project’s course. It’s vital for the project to align with corporate goals and meet the company’s specific needs. Top management should see tangible results from RigER implementation, such as transparent manageable operations, streamlined processes, increased equipment utilization, cost reduction, and minimized equipment downtime.
To sum it up, the initial conditions significantly impact any project’s outcome. Choosing the right client, who understands their needs and want to collaborate to achieve shared objectives, isn’t merely a first step. It’s a critical factor for the successful outcome.

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