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By Dasha Maksymiak February 23, 2022

RigER Digital Innovation Leader 2021 Award – VaporPoint

Here at RigER, we don’t hold back in expressing our love for our customers. And why in the world would we? You’re at the core of everything we do; every feature we release, every call we answer, every webinar we host… it’s all done with the goal of making your lives a bit easier.
It is our internal initiative to recognize clients that put a special emphasis on digitalization in their organizations using RigER and its capabilities to the fullest.
This year our annual Digital Innovation Leader Award goes to Vapor Point.
Vapor Point is a specialty engineering and environmental service company with offices in Houston, Corpus Christi, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, and Benicia. The company is focused assisting clients with operational implementation of managing their EPA and State air quality mandates as well as health and safety issues. Vapor Point designs and installs control systems that effectively meet client’s compliance, health, and safety goals.
Products: Vapor control, vapor recovery, Air emissions, Sump controls, Scrubbers, Frac tank controls, Vacuum truck controls, Flare minimization, Subpart Ja, BWON controls, Flareless turnaround, Flare sweetening, Turnaround equipment, and BACT controls.

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