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By Daria Maksymiak July 28, 2021

Digital Field Tickets Changing Industry Speeds And Workflows

John Mark Cavitt, CEO, RigER, details his background to set the table for the service and digitization work currently being deployed in the oil industry.
A former teacher, youth pastor and chemist, John brings his diverse background and perspective to the oil and gas industry.
He discussed the integration of technology in detail as well as obstacles, success stories and hesitations.
Than he talks about the importance of digitizing the field ticket, which allows an instant connection to your office and field workers.
Customization creates opportunities for companies to create, review, and approve any type of field tickets on mobile or desktop devices and submit them for invoicing right away. One benefit is the ability to track billable, non-billable hours and employee bonuses with ease all in one software.
John also gives a 5,000 foot view of the industry and what RigER is focused on in 2021.

RigER Oilfield Operations Management

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