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By Daria Maksymiak April 8, 2024

Meet RigER 11.5 – San Angelo!

We are proud to announce the release of our operations management software latest version – RigER 11.5 San Angelo, set to revolutionize how oilfield service companies manage their operations. The new version is scheduled to launch on May 10th, 2024, and promises a host of new and updated features designed to streamline workflows, enhance safety, and drive efficiency.
Key Features of RigER 11.5 San Angelo:
  • HSE Module. Incident Report Document: A robust Health and Safety module for designated users in organizations, facilitating the creation of Incident Reports (IR), differentiation, and thorough investigation of incidents.
  • Price Management Module (Offshore Configuration): A refined approach to managing prices based on price selection priority, incorporating elements such as Price Codes, Price Code Schedule, and Price Code Agreement for offshore operations.
  • Shop App for Mobile (Offshore Configuration – Inspection): Empowering users to create Work Order (WO) documents with required inspections seamlessly from their mobile devices, ensuring efficiency even in offshore environments.
  • Rig Calendar Enhancements: Upgrades to the Rig Calendar tool, facilitating the allocation of rigs and planning of jobs with precision and ease.
  • Rental Check-In Mobile App (Offshore Configuration): Simplifying the inspection and tracking of items returned to the shop, enhancing inventory management and accountability in offshore settings.
  • Integration with GoSign: Seamless integration with GoSign e-signature to further enhance RigER’s capabilities, providing users with a streamlined experience.
  • Updated RU Utilization Dashboard: Enhancements to the RU Utilization Dashboard for better insights into resource utilization and optimization.
  • New Reports: Introduction of Revenue Allocation Report by Months and Quality Control Module with QCA Summary Report, offering deeper insights into financial performance and quality management.
  • Offshore Equipment Rentals Update: Significant updates to various aspects including Shop Operations, Inspection Router, Work Order, UTT, and PT, ensuring comprehensive management of offshore equipment rentals.
  • Enhancement to Function Matrix (User Roles): Introducing new “Business Analyst” User Role. Ensure the confidentiality of your financial reporting. Only designated users obtain access to Revenue Reports and Revenue Dashboard.
  • RigER University Enhancements: Improvements to RigER University with Support and Customization tickets dashboards, enabling users to maximize the benefits of the platform through enhanced learning and support resources.
  • Contract Management Module (Document Control Module): A comprehensive Contract Management Module that offers streamlined document control processes, enhancing compliance and efficiency.
  • User Survey: A detailed User Survey to gather feedback and insights from users, enabling continuous improvement and customization of the platform to meet evolving needs.
For more information register for the live webinar where we’ll talk about all updates and enhancements in RigER 11.5 San Angelo

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