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Michael Maltsev on Digital Oil and Gas Podcast
Digital Oil and Gas podcast is a weekly podcast of ideas and insights into how digital innovation will impact the global oil and gas sector. This episode is a chat with Micahel Maltsev, the president of RigER. RigER is an Oilfield Operations Management software for energy service and equipment rental companies. They discussed the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry in general and what role does Operations Management play in it. They talked about the benefits it provides, and how digital has leveraged this novel business model. Check full episode here.
John Mark Cavitt on Oil and Gas Startups
Field tickets are fun said no one ever. And unfortunately field tickets are just one part of the paperwork headache OFS companies have to deal. RigER CEO, John Mark Cavitt, joined Jacob Corley and Collin McLelland to chat about how our Oilfield Operations Management platform is helping OFS digitize their operations. Check full episode here.
Round Table Discussion with Hart Energy on How AI is Driving Oil and Gas Market Recovery
RigER CEO, Michael Maltsev, took part in an exclusive round table discussion with senior executives from three other energy tech companies. They discussed how downturn affected the companies, the importance of digitizing oil and gas industry, and how new technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning can help speed up the recovery. Watch full video on Hart Energy website.
Go Mobile! Go Digital! Go RigER! Digital era gives oilfield workers more freedom bridging the gap between office and field
The latest version of RigER is featured in the latest issue of Bakken Oil Business Journal. RigER Odessa 8.0 enables field workers, supervisors, and office staff to get work done faster and more easily while eliminating issues associated with traditional paper processes. Learn more.
Crash Opens Doors for Industry to Adopt Efficiencies in Productivity Software
“…RigER offers yet another aspect of paperwork reduction, aimed at rental companies with extensive inventory, letting them digitize tracking, invoicing, and billing.” Their beginning was much like that for Cleargistix – a paint point involving paper. Read more in PB Oil&Gas Magazine.
RigER presents Mobile Suite for Field Operations
The energy industry is more challenging and competitive than ever. Producers are demanding more from Service companies while everyone struggles to reduce costs and improve efficiencies to stay in business. Service companies that continue using paper and spreadsheets to manage their business will be pushed to the sidelines and lose business to other companies who are able to adapt and align themselves with the digital processes on the Producer side. Find out more on
Let’s Get Digital: Tech Firms Bring Improved Oilfield Operations To E&Ps And OFS
Is the digital oilfield a reality for the large players alone, or can small- and medium-sized businesses also enjoy the benefits of the latest technology? RigER Inc. can help all OFS companies make the digital transition by replacing rudimentary, paper-based processes in the oilfield rentals and services space with something better — notably its Rig Equipment Rentals (RigER) software. Check full article in Daily Oil Bulletin right now.
Oil and Gas Onshore Podcast with our CEO
Our CEO, Michael Maltsev, talked about Operations Management Using Technology with Justin Gauthier during this new popular podcast. Check it on OGOS site right now.
Digital Oilfield Operations Maturity
Any change starts with assessment of where you are and envisioning where you want to be – whether it’s a personal change or a change in your business operations. If you have been asking “how can we optimize our operations utilizing the latest technology,” “what’s the most cost-effective approach”, “how do I go about doing it,” – then we invite you to have a read of the recently published “6 Levels of Digital Oilfield Operations Maturity ” where you will find a few ideas and can start actively planning the change.
Oil show booming with innovation
Michael Maltsev, the CEO of RigER-Digital Oilfield Platform, from Calgary, Canada, talks about his company during the second day of the Permian Basin International Oil Show Wednesday, at the Ector County Coliseum grounds. Check the whole interview published
by “ In The Pipeline Magazine.
Startup of the Week – RigER
If you’re in the oil and gas services business, you know growing your rental business requires better inventory management and operations control. Additionally the complexity of field service jobs, delays in paperwork preparation, inaccurate invoicing, and lack of performance analysis are all problems that aren’t new to you. Check this “ interview with Michael Maltsev “, founder of RigER, an oilfield rental operations management software designed for energy services companies.
From Whiteboard to Digital Oilfield
There is not much the Oil Patch can do about a global oil price languishing at roughly half what it was three years ago, and there is not much more it can cut from its today’s lean operations to further trim the expenses. However, there is a big opportunity that the oil & gas service industry has largely overlooked – the opportunity that helped other sectors of the economy to transform – the transition from traditional to digital operations. Check “this article ” to learn more
7 Ways to Boost Oilfield Rentals
Oilfield rental companies across Western Canada and USA faced with low commodity prices and low operational activity. Experienced business owners and managers know the importance of adapting quickly and act strategically. Successful oilfield rental companies get through downturn with clear focus on two tasks: optimize financials and prepare to next phase of market cycle. First task includes cutting costs and credit checks, second – innovative products, scalable solutions, workflows improvements. Read more in “ Oilfield PULSE
New Drilling Season Preparation Starts Now
The oilfield industry faced with low prices and low operational activity. However, new drilling season will come soon and oilpatch service and rental companies must be prepared. The Western Canadian oil and gas industry operates in annual seasonal cycles. A consequence is the need for a large number of skilled labor force and related equipment to handle peak activity periods. The cyclic nature of the industry creates significant challenges, such as low equipment utilization on an annualized basis, retention of a competent field work force, potential for increased accident and worker injuries. Learn more in “Oilfield PULSE