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Integration with Telemetry: A Game-Changer for Remote Asset Monitoring

RigER is a comprehensive solution for oilfield rental equipment management. By integrating with telemetry, RigER provides real-time monitoring of remote assets for preventive maintenance, allowing you to track their location, usage, and maintenance status. Whether you are managing a fleet of equipment across multiple sites, or simply want to keep track of your valuable assets, RigER’s integration with telemetry is the solution you need.

Benefits of Telemetry Integration

Increased Operational Efficiency

With real-time monitoring of remote assets, oilfield service companies can quickly respond to changes in the field and make informed decisions, reducing downtime and maximizing the efficiency of their operations

Increased Uptime

By incorporating telemetry data into RigER, companies can detect and resolve maintenance issues before they cause downtime, ensuring that their equipment is always available and ready to use when needed

Optimized Maintenance Schedule

By performing preventive maintenance on a regular basis, companies can reduce the need for reactive and emergency repairs, lowering their overall maintenance costs and maximizing the return on investment of their assets

Available Integrations


A Comprehensive Solution for Remote Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance

RigER and Telemetry Integration can provide powerful solutions for preventive maintenance, allowing operators to access real-time data from the equipment and use it to anticipate maintenance needs and take proactive steps to ensure that equipment is operating properly.
This can help to reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency, mitigate the risk of equipment failure, and save money in the long run. Additionally, this integration can provide valuable insights into how devices are performing, allowing operators to identify potential issues before they become serious problems.
This data can be used to track the performance of individual components, such as motors, pumps, and valves, or to monitor the performance of a system as a whole. By having access to this data, operators can make informed decisions about scheduling maintenance and make adjustments to the system that will optimize performance over time.
Furthermore, RigER and GeoTab Integration can provide key insights into how equipment is being used, helping to prevent unexpected failures and identify areas where changes need to be made to ensure optimal performance.

See It in Action

  • Real-time monitoring of remote assets: track the location, usage, and maintenance status of assets in real-time.
  • Improved asset tracking: get a complete picture of each asset, including its location, usage, and maintenance history.
  • Enhanced preventive maintenance: schedule preventive maintenance proactively, reducing the risk of equipment failure and prolonging the lifespan of their assets.
  • Compliance and safety: get the ability to monitor assets and ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards, and protect employees, equipment, and the environment, while mitigating the risk of legal and financial liabilities.