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TOG Systems, a Telecom equipment rental company in Alberta

About TOG systems
A rental business with 20+ staff that runs operations for Oil & Gas companies in Western Canada. Key roles supporting the rental operations: dispatchers, field technicians, operations managers and accountant reporting to financial controller.
Vendor requirements
Company’s leadership recognized the opportunity to improve and implement an ERP solution.
“Connecting the main office and the field ops in one system that would also integrate with existing accounting software was our ultimate goal,” said General Manager Tamara Fricke.

Key challenges

Renting out multi-component units with unique specification
Remote service locations
24/7 operations during peak seasons
With a number of ERP solutions on the market, the company had to start somewhere and ended up testing 5 ERP solutions in 5 years. “Although some products helped us to track telecom equipment and others to invoice our clients, one product wasn’t able to deliver on all our business requirements in a timeframe and at the optimal to us cost. So, we kept looking,” – Fricke added.


Light Towers and Generators by riger®
The product is built to track surface equipment, most of common of which are generators, light towers, man-lifts, portable toilets and other surface assets used in OFS/OFR. Special features include: reservation, backups, utilization reports, activity log dashboard, fleet status dashboard, inspections, repairs and quality control, equipment rentals, utilization by date, rate by date, rate by unique attribute and more.
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  • Fast implementation process with ability to make changes to the software to meet specific rental business needs of the telecom services
  • Personalization and customization with short development cycle to adjust to the needs of the growing and changing business
  • Customizable software that “understands” the specifics of the Oil & Gas rental business
  • Track telecommunications equipment following oil rig movements, and
  • Invoice clients for batch drilling and track those invoices in the company’s billing system

What the Client Says

“It was pretty impressive. Having an affordable solution with that level of customization and support was something that we have not been able to find until riger®.”
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