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Meet the latest release – RigER 11.0 New Orleans
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Mobile Field Tickets

Consolidate and streamline your workflow in the office and in the field.

Create, review, and approve digital field tickets on the spot and submit them for invoicing right away. Track billable, non-billable, and employee bonuses directly on your mobile device. You’ll never lose or damage a field ticket again and can correct inaccuracies or errors easily and efficiently.

Our mobile field ticketing software allows your oilfield services team to stay connected from the office to the field, no matter when or where they are. Share key operational information efficiently. Online or Offline.

Built for Oilfield Services

From dispatching jobs, renting out equipment to performing inspections and maintenance, you have everyone’s tickets and field forms in place on-time, signed and secure.

Mobile Ticketing

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Manage Your Operations from a Mobile Phone

All Types of Digital Oilfield Tickets

The list of oilfield tickets you can generate and manage with RigER is long. It includes, but is not limited to rental, field, sales, internal job, maintenance, sub-rental, repair tickets, and more.
Anytime, Anywhere
Whether from desktop or mobile, online or offline – you can always create, edit, approve and sign your digital field tickets wherever you are.
Never Loose a Field Tickets Again
No more lost, damaged or inaccurate paper tickets. With RigER ticketing software you can track status of every job in real-time.
Save Time and Money
Eliminate unnecessary travel time and fuel waste. With RigER it’s all digital and easy to use.
Get Paid Faster
Speed up oilfield tickets processing time and invoice your clients the same day, even before your field technician is back from the job.

See How You Can Benefit from Using Field Ticket Software

Case Study

Kenergy Oilfield Solutions offers flowback, pump-down and rigup services. The company has up to 100 employees and 3 locations in the USA.
  • Geographically dispersed business
  • 7 operational divisions
  • 600+ field tickets per month
  • Field tickets came to the office with 3 weeks delay
  • Digital and Semi-Digital Field Ticketing
  • One Day to Collect Field Data
  • Field Time and Rate Tracking
  • Export Data for Payroll
  • 24-Hour Invoicing Standard
“We speeded up oilfield tickets processing time and now we invoice our client within 24 hours after the job is done. Sales and operations process was improved and streamlined which allows us to get more jobs from our clients.”

Offline Mobile Field Tickets

The nature of oilfield services work is such that you have to go to places and deliver services and equipment to places with limited internet connectivity. RigER’s field ticket software is designed to solve the online-offline challenge. Using configurable RigER mobile apps, field technicians can record job details like labor, equipment & materials), perform inspections, attach images and collect client approvals digitally, as well as receive updates about jobs while they are on the go. In situations where there is no internet connectivity, field technicians can enter needed data in offline mode knowing it will synchronize with the Cloud database once the device is back in WIFI, making the data available to everyone in the company for follow-up actions.